Ocean Server Upgrade June 21 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for June 21st at 9:00 includes the following changes:

  • New Feature: Ocean Reminders allow you to automatically notify your patients of upcoming appointments and optionally complete forms or view a secure message (Accuro only for now.)
  • Ocean Tablets must now be version 108 or higher to connect. Some sites running older versions will see their tablets auto-update as a result.
  • Keyword support for preferred pharmacy (ptPreferredPharmacy)
  • Improvements to auto-complete UI for scripting
  • Fix to note formatting tab (in eForm tab) to properly display newlines for prefixes, delimiters and postfixes in the preview box.
  • Added wait time 2 for health services for eReferral targets
  • Added auditing for web questionnaire template changes
  • Fix to the "new patient" and "patient file upload" dialogs that prevented them from reappearing after the first time.
  • Fix to bug that could cause multiple prompts for the shared encryption key on the Patients tab
  • Fix to escape special HTML chars (e.g. <) in notes in Ocean Online (Ocean Tablet fix will be available in v126)
  • Email cohort functionality will now preserve forms already in the patient queue (previously, it would replace the queue with the queue from the web questionnaire template)
  • Fix to eForm Browser bug that caused enrolled studies forms to appear.
  • Fix to keyword substitution in Ocean Online questionnaires to allow trailing ? and ! chars.
  • Fix to bug that showed an error message if a site had no web questionnaire templates.
  • The label "Mac Address" in the Tablets tab has been changed to "Tablet ID" in preparation for Android 6 running Ocean Tablets.
  • Performance improvements for saving eForms via an optimization for saving eForm History revisions.
  • Fix to prevent access denied errors when a non-site-admin user tries to update the shared encryption key for a site (which was possible via the patients tab when the encryption key wasn't set in the browser).
  • Performance improvements for searching shared eForms.
  • Minor improvements to look-and-feel of Ocean Online questionnaires.
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