Ocean Server Upgrade May 10 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for tonight (May 10) at 9:30PM ET includes the following improvements.


  • New tablet rules are now inserted before the "on-demand" form break, which provides better legacy tablet support (since older versions of the tablet simply ignore all the rules after the on-demand form break).
  • The system will now send out nagging alerts for studies that have had recent updates to the associated eForm. This is to prevent accidentally "breaking" a study form (e.g. a bad script in the form or something like that) without notice. To reset the "alarm", you simply need to export the study data to indicate that you've tested the change.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally would cause the "remove eForm" function to fail for a patient record in the Ocean web portal.
  • WebQ template eForms now get inserted before any other forms in the patient's form queue instead of after. This is a more natural approach and it allows clinics to use the template eForms as introductions or informed consent forms for clinician-chosen forms.
  • Lots more look-and-feel improvements.


  • You can now search the archived referral database for all previous referrals for a patient
  • You can now export referral analytics data for your Ocean site, including wait times and other metrics.
  • The default has been changed to include the patient's email address from the referrer's EMR. (The referrer is warned about collecting informed email consent anyway prior to sending.)
  • The "export referral" feature has been cleaned up to produce a nicer looking export (particularly with respect to CC'ed clinicians).
  • Some fixes around central intake referral forwarding functionality (e.g. email notifications to referral recipients).
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error exporting referrals with self-referrals included.
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