Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 10 2015 Release Notes

The Ocean release for Nov 10th includes the following features and fixes.

  • BETA RELEASE OF SECURE MESSAGING: Ocean now supports secure messaging to patients. We've added functionality to allow a web questionnaire to contain a secure, private message for a patient. The patient chart will show both the message and a confirmation that the patient received it.
  • We've removed the dedicated medication reconciliation module on the Ocean Tablet in favour of the more flexible medication reconciliation eForm, which has been updated to work as an emailed web questionnaire as well as a tablet eForm.
  • We've added early support for "anonymous survey" mode for tablets, a third mode of using Ocean Tablets to support even more ways to use your tablets. Clinics will find this mode particularly useful for dedicated patient experience survey kiosks. This replaces the keypad entry screen with a simple "start" button and language picker. You'll need to yet-to-be released v110 of Ocean Tablet in order to leverage this new mode. As part of this change, the "kiosk mode" checkbox, which was previously hard to find in the tablet settings, has been replace by a drop-down menu featured prominently above the tablet settings tabs when you edit tablet settings.
  • We've added Italian and Chinese Simplified support for web questionnaires (you will likely need to translate specific forms before this is useful but the core product has been translated).
  • Added a warning message to the Ocean web portal if a user is using (the ancient and MS unsupported) IE8.
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