Ocean Server Upgrade Oct 6 2015 Release Notes

This week's release includes the following:

- tablets will be forced to update to version 97 or higher (part of our longstanding efforts to keep people from being on *really* old tablet versions)

- eRequest editing keyboard shortcuts are now available for quicker processing of eReferrals and eRequests

- eRequest management screen now shows eRequests received across all listings (referral targets) in single view, making it easier for central intake to process eRequests/referrals for multiple sites/doctors.

- users can no longer send messages in an eRequest if the sender has not provided an email address and recipient is more obvious in the appointment scheduling panel

- claiming a Directory listing is simpler if you are already logged in; it simply claims the listing for your site

- "needs review" flag re-added to the eRequest management page

- fix to bug that sometimes prevented upload/encryption of file in an eReferral

- fix to diagram scaling in Ocean Online questionnaires (sometimes checkboxes would not line up properly)

- set a default line separator of newline ('/n') for new eForms; this will make notes more intuitive (you can override the note separator with commas or semi-colons at a lower level in the section hierarchy if desired)

- fixed an issue that caused eRequest numbers to be underreported in usage report; reported numbers will be correct in future usage reports for new eRequests

- miscellaneous minor aesthetic fixes to online questionnaires, directory, etc.

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