Ocean Server Upgrade Sept 15 2015 Release Notes

This week's release contains the following changes:

  • Family doctors can now receive consult reports from physiotherapists and other allied health professionals via the Ocean Directory
  • Removed white background to eRequest pages, allowing for more integration flexibility in websites
  • Fixes to PS Suite file uploader so that you can simply import a file from PS Suite search export (to CSV) without removing columns, reformatting dates, etc. Note that the old file format will not be supported.

Some minor fixes as well:

  • A few minor fixes to online questionnaire formatting, including fixing font-size changes associated with <b> and <i> tag usage, incorrect scaling for images when rendered on smartphones, centering Ocean logo and loading icons
  • Fixed prescription shorthand translation logic (e.g. qid -> 'four times daily'), used in forms such as the medication reconciliation form
  • Revising medication reconciliation eForm to hide warning message on current tablet versions now (now warning will only show up on old tablet versions)
  • Restricting "edit..." clinical triage button on eRequest to be limited to Advanced Referral Management module (as originally)
  • Some billing enhancements to support site-wide OceanPlus licenses
  • Fixed EForm Editor XML generation for forms containing diagrams
  • Fixed EForm Editor to protect against saving a new eForm into a different site if both sites are open in tabs; now it will only save into the originating site
  • Minor enhancements to progress note formatting to make note separation a little easier (sections will inherit parent note separators)
  • Fixes to sign-on logic to ConsultConduit
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