Ocean Server Upgrade May 3 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for May 3, 2017 at 9:30 includes the following:


  • Messages for forwarded central intake referrals can now be directed to a specific party (central intake, sender, recipient, etc.). Notifications have also been confined to affected parties. Finally, "send message" now only happens when a referral is saved.
  • Local notes can now be set back to "allow other sites to view" after being set private.
  • Improvements and bug fixes around the referral view panel UI; in some cases, a blank window would appear due to multiple modal windows opened simultaneously. 
  • Improved handling of local notes in new local note architecture so that updates would always be properly applied; previously they would sometimes appear as separate notes.
  • "Send Message" is now properly hidden in cases that no message can be sent.
  • Minor UI fix to Health Service Directory to force user to choose from search menu before tabbing off (i.e. tab key was allowing user to choose invalid search option).
  • Email patient has been removed from the action menu since it's redundant with the option in the panel.
  • New wait time exclusion option for local note quickpick list: "patient is existing client".
  • Improved forwarding functionality: self-referrals can be forwarded like other referrals and the absence of a health service on a referral will now allow you to forward it to any service provider.
  • Minor performance improvements to Ocean Health Service Directory search.
  • Added more mandatory fields to referrals: now referrers must specify at least one phone number and the street address.
  • Fixed a bug in PSS and OSCAR referral import that would not properly apply demographic fields to patient record.
  • If the referrer is not using an Ocean user account (e.g. using a quick referral form in PS for instance), they will be prompted for their email.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused quirky search string artifacts in Firefox when doing repeated searches.
  • Recently viewed referrals will now be correctly sorted from most recently accessed.
  • You can now search for referrals by source EMR ID (or more generally the source patient external reference). 
  • You can now search for referrals by the MRN number assigned in the referral view.
  • Improved the email notifications of new attachments for a referral. We've also changed the link to open the referral instead of the attachment directly since email clients couldn't do the necessary client-side decryption.
  • "Print" and "Download" options in action menu have been renamed "Print Receipt" and "Download Letter" for clarity.
  • Removed question mark hover overs for all browsers except IE9, since all modern browsers now allow the placeholder help text.
  • Referral view now shows the first name in plain text and the surname in bold in both the title and the patient box.
  • Local notes remain visible after forwarding (previously were hidden to the site that forwarded the referral).
  • More minor tweaks to referral printout (gender symbol, if present, is larger).
  • Fixed phone number validation to reject leading and trailing characters when sending a referral.
  • Fixed line breaks in sibling child referral display.
  • Improved display of master and child referrals. You can also now create a new related referral as a child of an existing master referral to ensure they are linked.
  • "Est. Wait Time" has been renamed to "Estm. Wait Time" for clarity.

Patient Engagement:

  • Added ability to search for patients by cohort ID in the patients tab.
  • Added "please wait" message to deletion of patient record in Ocean patients tab.
  • Tablet version minimum is now 130. Older tablet versions will be prompted to upgrade.
  • Fixed secure message printout to omit the "click confirm" instructions for patient.


  • We've added a new privacy primer for all Ocean users based on our partnership with the WWLHIN. It covers some basic information that all users of the Ocean platform should understand in order to protect patient data privacy.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a site's encryption key to be set to blank if the hint is updated without setting a new key (note that the encryption of patient data was not affected; this was only the site settings "footprint" of the key used to validate keys entered on devices that was affected).
  • We made end-user JavaScript errors a little noisier to ensure that they would be noticed.
  • Minor wording change to encryption dialog validation error to clarify that you should safely store the encryption key.
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