Ocean Server Upgrade April 19 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for April 19 at 9:30PM ET includes the following:


  • New UI for referrals to better incorporate the increased amount of information that Ocean supports for a referral. The review detail view will now expand intelligently to show the most clinically relevant data with the least amount of scrolling possible.
  • New feature: A site can now add multiple local notes using standardized choices or using the configurable review form. The standardized choices are tagged with special meaning that will support use cases such as logging calls and excluding referrals from wait time calculations (e.g. if the patient declines initial appointment). A site can also make local notes private instead of being visible to all parties (referral, central intake/RCC, referral recipient).
  • New feature: the referral analytics export can now include a wide variety of reportable fields from a referral form or the local notes, such as diagnosis, acuity, etc. You can read more here: "Accessing eReferral Analytics".
  • Referral targets can now attach multiple patient handouts to the referral service offering that get sent automatically with appointment notifications.
  • Significant improvements to the flow of declining central-intake forwarded referrals; now they simply get returned to central intake for forwarding elsewhere.
  • Health service directory searches will be searched as titles and surnames now to ensure that a clinician looking for a specialist by last name will always find the specialist.
  • Referral retention policies now look at the estimated wait time and will keep the referral for at least that long once accepted.
  • Clinician type will default to family physician when a billing number is specified
  • Added "optional" hint for site name field for referring clinician
  • Added logic to pre-populate the referring clinician information from the PSS quick referral form.
  • Referral analytics export will now automatically choose "network" or "site" based on sensible assumptions about the request.
  • Now when a user chooses a reason for decline from the menu, it will preserve any manually typed reason instead of overwriting.
  • Surname is now bolded in the referral detail view.
  • Address line 2 has been added to the referral detail view.
  • New referral target signups will now be able to pick up the configuration process if they log in directly from the email verification email link.
  • Wait time fields on referrals have been renamed "estimated wait time" to encourage adoption to keep referrers and patients informed.
  • New health services have been added for CDPM: chronic pain self-management, diabetes self-management, patient self-advocacy counseling and nutritional counseling workshops.
  • Removed notification for referrals moved into "awaiting reply" status.
  • The checkbox to send notifications on accept defaults to OFF for new eRequest configurations.
  • Minor fixes to new eRequest link configuration dialog.
  • Referral PDF Printing: referral target titles will now wrap properly.
  • New "** This is a TEST SITE. Do not send real eReferrals here. **" warning will appear at top of referral forms for test sites.
  • Fixed an error condition that would occur when uploading a file to attach to a referral.
  • Improved listing detail panel to make it clear that email addresses and phone numbers will be publicly visible in the directory.
  • The address of central intake will be hidden in referral forwarding notifications to patients.
  • Streamlined claim process when it begins with a Google Places result; it is no longer a requirement to save the listing before claiming it.

Patient Engagement:

  • Completion notifications for web questionnaires sent via Ocean Reminders will now be sent to the clinical administrator if enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that appears as an error if you add a file to a secure message then remove it before sending.
  • Tablets must now be version 128 or higher; older versions will be prompted to upgrade automatically.
  • Fixed minor bug that presented "are you sure" twice when leaving a multi-site study.


  • Minor changes to end-user license agreement to mention that the regional authority may have additional terms and may cover referral costs.
  • Fix minor issues around loading encryption dialog multiple times in different places in app.
  • Fixed minor bug that would obscure error message in password reset page.
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