Update Your Directory Listing Settings

Once we have validated your site, log in to your Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin Settings page to ensure that your directory listing is correct and that you are ready to accept eReferrals.

You can now start receiving eReferrals immediately.

  1. Confirm your listing has been validated

  2. Confirm your contact information

    • From the Admin page select the Directory Listings option to view and manage your site's Directory Listings. Within the listing, under the "Contact Information" panel, review and update the information that is displayed for referring providers on the Ocean Healthmap.
  3. Add your listed "Offers"

    • Offers allow Healthmap users to search for your location based on the services you provide. Your listing's offers are updated in the "Service Details" panel.
  4. Add your "Appointment Labels"

    • The appointment labels in the "Service Details" panel will impact the different appointment types that appear in the scheduling pane of incoming referrals. Labels include: Appointment 1, Appointment 2, Appointment 3, Appointment 4, Appointment 5, Initial Visit Date, Follow-Up Date, Consultation Date, Surgical Date, and Procedure Date.
    • The appointment label determines which appointment(s) on the referral are used in wait time calculations. The following appointment labels are associated with a Wait 1, and will map to the scheduledAppointment field in your site's referral analytics:
      • Appointment
      • Appointment 1
      • Initial Visit Date
      • Consultation Date
    • These appointment labels are associated with a Wait 2, and will map to the scheduledAppointment2 field in the analytics:
      • Surgery Date
      • Procedure Date
    • You can only have one appointment label associated with Wait 1, and only one associated with a Wait 2, on a single referral, otherwise Ocean will default to using the first appropriate label listed on the referral.
    • Example: A surgical office could use the Consultation Date label for their Wait 1, and the Surgical Date label for their Wait 2.
  5. Choose your "Referral Form"

    • Use the forms available in the Ocean Library or create your own then choose your form in the "Service Details" panel.

  6. Set your "eReferral Policies"

    • Ensure your listing is set to Accept eReferrals.
    • Choose whether you would like to split incoming referrals with multiple services into separate referrals.
    • Select if you want to enforce referring providers to sign into an Ocean user account before submitting the referral (allows for messaging back and forth with the referring provider).
    • Select if the referring provider must be a Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner, based on the Clinician Type in their Ocean user account.
  7. Add your Central Intake listing (if applicable)

    • Central Intakes accept and triage eReferrals based on region and pathway. By adding a Central Intake to your listing in the "Service Details" panel, referrals sent to your listing will be routed through the Central Intake first before being forwarded on to your site.
  8. Set Health Service Offerings to accept direct referrals outside of Central Intakes (if applicable)

    • Some sites that receive eReferrals through a Central Intake may also want to receive direct eReferrals for other services. If you would like to configure direct eReferrals for specific health offerings, select the offer(s) in the "Service Details" panel and add your custom referral form within that service.
    • Referrals sent to your listing with that requested service will come directly to your site, rather than being routed to the Central Intake site first.
  9. Apply to Regional Authority (if under the Ontario eServices Program)

    • The Ontario eServices Program offers Ocean eReferral licenses to eligible sites in participating regions. You can apply for one in your region by clicking "Apply to Regional Authority" in the "Contact Information" panel, choosing the appropriate region, and accepting the license agreement.
    • The application will be sent to the selected Regional Authority site for review, and you will be notified by email when the application is approved.
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