Creating Canned Responses for Bookings and Messages*

Note for Ontario Users: In Ontario, Ocean eConsults are currently in a limited release. For more information on eConsult in Ontario as part of the Ontario eServices Program, please review the Overview of eConsults in Ontario article.

You can optionally choose to set up canned messages that can be sent to the patient in advance of their appointment and/or that can be sent to the referrer/sender.

This is an an optional part of setting up eConsults and/or eReferrals.

  • When processing and managing incoming eConsults and/or eReferrals, referral recipients have the ability to add canned booking comments or send a canned message. These canned responses can be sent to patients using a booking comment, or can be sent as a message to the original referrer.
Canned Booking Comments Canned Messages to Sender
  • Log in to the Ocean Portal.
  • Navigate to the Admin Settings page and click Canned Responses.
  • From the Canned Responses screen, select the "New Canned Response" button under the "Canned Responses for Booking Comments" section
  • Give your response a title and add your desired text into the text field.

    Note: An example of a canned booking comment could be the appropriate clothing a patient should bring to an appointment.
  • Click the "Save" button to save your canned comments.
  • Next time you are processing a consult or referral, you can select one of your canned responses using the speech bubble icon in the "Scheduling" section of the referral.
  • Note: Canned booking comments are only selectable in the 'Scheduling' area of the referral.

How does it appear to the patient?

  • When the appointment notification email is sent to the patient, the booking comment is included at the bottom of the email.
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