Ocean Server Upgrade September 5 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for September 5, 2017 at 9:00PM includes the following:


  • In order to improve the flow for central intake referrals, we've updated the "Awaiting Reply" status to be site-specific; if a referral is marked "awaiting reply", it only appears that way for the site that so designated it. This will also solve a related issue in which central intake could not accept a reply for a referral that had been forwarded.
  • Fixed the 'featured site' quick referral links in the directory to auto-select the designated health service by default.
  • Fixed the helper icons in the referral list view to display properly for a few messaging site-to-site message flow scenarios (e.g. forwarded manually, attachments, etc.)
  • Tweaked the behaviour of the search bar to show the patient address fields as soon as a search type is changed to make it more intuitive.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an unlinked survey invitation to appear at the bottom of booking notifications. 
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong referral form to appear for a referral target in cases that a health service provider is using a central intake service but does not have the central intake referral eForm in their site; it will now always pull the correct referral form from the central intake site.
  • Added tiff file type support for referral PDF generation.
  • Fix to logout flow for ONE ID authentication.
  • Fixed a bug in "central intake" toggle checkbox under Admin->Listings.
  • More work around eHealth Ontario Provincial Provider Registry synchronization code.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the referral 'sent' box from appearing in the eRequest tab for senders that do not have "accept eReferrals" checked.
  • Minor UI fixes: fix to reduce flicker effect when loading a referral; added please wait message to export dialog, 'Send Referral' has now been renamed to 'View Directory' to differentiate from "new inbound referral".
  • To aid 3rd party integrators using the API, you can now get the referral target reference from the directory UI by hovering over the title.
  • Added new API for retrieving self-referral targets for the Patient Portal.
  • Additional analytics fields added: recipientClinicianFirstName, recipientClinicianSurname, recipientClinicianProfId. We've also fixed up the CSV export to match the API exactly (a few fields were missing from the CSV.)

Patient Engagement

  • We have added an additional mechanism for adding OSCAR notes to a chart in OSCAR 15 using web services. This may circumvent issues experienced by sites that use the "sign and save" feature. It can be enabled in the Ocean settings available from the Ocean eForm in OSCAR.
  • Minimum tablet version has been bumped from 141 to 142.


  • Minor updates to the TELUS sign-up page (e.g. updating logo to TELUS instead of TELUS PSS).
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