Ocean Server Upgrade August 28 2017 Release Notes


The release tentatively scheduled for August 28, 2017 contains the following improvements:

General eReferral Fixes
- Added "unclaim" functionality for a selected listing at an Ocean site
- Fixed a bug that prevented the correct referral form from showing when sending an eReferral to a listing with more than one offering with the same health service (e.g. two Diabetes Education offerings)
- Improved the directory administrator review management workflow for claimed sites
- Patient portal integration: added OAuth support
- Analytics support: added fields for tracking initial MAC assessment data and initialContactAttemptDate / ax_initialContactAttemptDate

Referral View
- Improved the saving/closing/opening behaviour of referrals when viewed in the Referral.html view (accessed via email notifications and quick referral forms)\
- Fixed a bug triggered by clicking Notify to send email notification to Reviewer
- Fixed a bug that would load two referral windows when a referral was double-clicked
- In the referral view, the message "Click Here If Confirmed With Patient" is now hidden for recipient sites (whenever the rest of the booking panel is shown), since the Confirmed checkbox provides this functionality

Central Intake
- Bug fix: in the Forward dialog, it now hides the redundant "Manually fax..." button when the default and only option is to manually fax.
- Referrals marked as Await Reply will now clear their review status, allowing these referrals to automatically move out of the Needs Review tab without having to re-open them
- The Noted date is now set on the referral's children when the referral is split or a master referral (triage note) is updated

Referral Printing
- Improvements to the Download Letter / Referral PDF:
-- Now shows the Related Referrals and Triage Notes
-- Page numbers now show on attachments
-- The less-than and greater-than signs should be preserved properly now
- Improve loading and presentation of the Print Referral form for referrers

- The "Popular listings in your region" support has been expanded to include the new listings accepting eReferrals in the region.
- Fixed a bug related to referral favourites: there were a few instances where Ocean incorrectly concluded that the referral favourite title was old (regional favourites and health-service-based favourites)
- Fixed a bug that prevented the 'rtRef' URL argument from showing the desired listing when the currently-centred neighbourhood radius excluded the match
- Improved reliability and scalability of client geolocation neighbourhood detection for the initial centering of the map

Patient Engagement
- Fixed a bug that would accidentally sign out users when switching to the Zendesk support portal
- Improved the Wolf patient demographic bulk importer
- Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent form validation from triggering for items that are shown immediately prior to the user moving to the next page
- Fixed a bug that would prevent patients or test users from accessing a secure message when the user's previous credentials were cached but no longer valid


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