Ocean Server Upgrade August 21 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for August 21, 2017 at 9:00 PM includes the following:


  • Support for "partial-go-live" for regional coordination centre targets, in which some sites are accepting test eReferrals but live referrals are being processed through regional coordination centres at the same time. Specifically, the "forward" dialog will now show whether sites are in test mode, and in any case, regional coordinate centres can override the eReferral option and forward live offline referrals using the manual forward feature.
  • Additional integration support for the Think Research Patient Portal.
  • "Noted" column feature has been expanded to all sites, not just regional coordination centres.
  • Additional supported analytics fields for orthopedics pathway.
  • Added patient email address to Referral PDF Letter.
  • Early support for Provincial Provider Registry integration.
  • Fixed a bug causing an error during the auto-generation of private keys after enabling eReferrals via admin tab.
  • Added ability for Regional Authority users to export a list of referrers who have explicitly agreed to the terms and conditions of the Regional Authority.
  • "New Inbound Referral" button in the inbox will now allow user to choose the listing to which the referral should be sent if multiple are associated with the site.
  • Fixed bug in which eReferral Resent email notification double-escaped apostrophes for the site title.

Patient Engagement:

  • Fixed bug that prevented the "source" from being displayed properly for newly created patients until refresh.
  • Minor updates to Wolf file importer to address date format incompatibility.
  • Minimum tablet version has been updated from 140 to 141.


  • Beta support for Global CDS links in Accuro. With this new feature, a single site administrator of an Accuro clinic can add CDS links (as buttons or in the menu) for all users. The Ocean single-sign-on module will allow any Accuro user to then log directly into Ocean to send referrals, add forms, etc.
  • Sites can now view previous Ocean invoices (without going into the payer's user account) via the Admin->Billing tab.
  • Added Rx list to OSCAR integration.
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