Ocean Server Upgrade July 24 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for July 24, 2017 at 9:00 PM ET includes the following:

Patient Engagement

  • For Accuro users, the CDS Link SSO support is improved:
    • The link to the support article in the Configure Accuro CDS Links dialog to open in a new tab/window.
    • You can now create CDS direct links to eRequests with the format: "?action=eRequest&eReqRef=myERequestLinkRef"
    • You can now create CDS direct links to specific eReferral targets with specific referral forms
  • For Ocean Connect users, there is now a process that runs every hours which will 'finalize' orphaned notes that are more than 4 hours old (such as notes that were entered on a tablet without the tablet session completing). This process allows the notes to download automatically into integrated EMRs such as Accuro.
  • Searches for eForms within the eForm browser are likely to be a little faster now
  • The 'Please Wait' modal loading screen has been updated to prevent accidental duplicate requests from being sent when the space bar is pressed twice


  • There are several fixes to the eReferral "Save for Later" feature:
    • The hyperlink shown to users when they Save for Later will load the correct referral form now and should succesfully display all of the referrer's changes.
    • Now the EMR patient ID is included in the "Save for Later" such that it is successfully included with the referral when sent later on.
    • The business extension number was repeated when the referral was displayed after being reloaded via the Save for Later functionality. The extension should display only once now.
    • Clicking Save for Later as an anonymous user displayed the login dialog but then refreshed the whole page, causing the user to lose his or her changes. It should login successfully now.
    • The notification should inform PSS users that they can click on the Open button now
  • The second booking slot will now always show whenever the referral has a second booking, or when the referral has a Wait 2 specified, or when the offering has a default Wait 2 specified (which was the only condition checked previously)
  • For the referral status summary shown in the Ocean eReferral form within PSS and the eReferral dashboard (which is shown for Accuro and OSCAR), there are a number of improvements to help users detect necessary status updates at a glance:
    • When the referring site needs to respond to a message (i.e. it needs to review the referral), this fact is now shown more obviously using a "*****" at the end of the status summary
    • The site that needs to review the referral is now shown with the site name instead of the site number (to make it more readable for clinicians)
    • The referral comments are now shown as they originally were with "..." after a username and timestamp. The users can click to open the referral to see the details
  • When sending referrals and adding an attachment, if a user Sign In is done as a result of adding the attachment file, it should now populate the referrer's signature information automatically, just like it does when the Sign In link is pressed
  • The comments that are included with new eReferrals to hold attachments show a more intuitive header now, using the referrer's name as the comment author and the recipient site's title as the target.
  • The Favourites Tab no longer shows the delete icon for the "Popular listings in your region" since the delete did nothing in this case
  • The link from OSCAR to the patient's dashboard for viewing eReferrals no longer requires an Ocean login due to its use of the single-sign-on functionality
  • The new Health Education and Supervised Exercise program-specific services will automatically add their parent health service

eReferral Notification Emails:

  • It will now prioritize the referral's user-specific email over the site's referral notification email
  • Email notifications sent to sites for referrals will now include the correct site number in the "View Referral link" for each individually-notified site.

Central Intake

  • Removed the Appointment Declined menu option since feedback suggests it is redundant with regard to the "patient offered [earlier / later] appointment" options
  • Ocean now avoids excluding a referral from wait time analytics when the "Patient missed appointment" option is chosen, unless there's another reason for analytics exclusion
  • The new logic to bounce a referral back to a forwarding site when a referral is declined wasn't working previously; it was still declining the referral outright. The referral should now bounce back to the forwarder (CI) and notify the forwarder with the correct email and associated site number.

Backend eReferral Changes:

  • Added new fields to the Ocean referral REST API: scheduledAppointment, scheduledAppointment2, bookingComments, srcSiteName, referrer signature, referrer address
  • Added "application date" column to the regional authority's approval tab
  • Minor wording changes to regional authority approve/deny email based on request from SCA.
  • Backend change: Cleaned up the referral completion state to remove references or dependencies on whether the patient was 'Seen'
  • Future architectural work to improve general support for eConsults
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