TELUS API Service Interruption March 1, 2022 [Resolved]

3:00pm: We are investigating a high volume of errors being returned by the TELUS api from calls made by Cloud Connect on behalf of Ocean and will update this announcement as further information becomes available. TELUS is assisting us with our investigation.

Cloud Connect is intermittently failing to communicate with EMRs which is impacting Online Booking as well as schedule syncs that we're aware of. (Integrations with both MedAccess and PSSuite are affected.)

3:40pm: Update from TELUS: "API Dev believes that the issue is due to some latency issues on the EMR instances. Escalated to the PS Suite Tier 2 team to investigate. Hoping to hear from them soon."

March 2, 9:11am: TELUS has informed us they are continuing to investigate a known issue on their side. We're continuing to monitor the issue on our side and will keep this article up to date with new information as it becomes available.

March 3, 2:50pm: TELUS has identified several EMRs where performance had degraded and restarted related resources. The volume of errors from the TELUS api has come down but we are continuing to monitor the situation closely.

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