TELUS API Service Interruption January 11, 2021 [Resolved]

The TELUS API is failing most or all calls this morning for PS Suite since shortly after 6:15 am. Their servers are returning 500 errors, which indicates a general problem or error within the TELUS system.

The problem appears to be isolated to PS Suite; Med Access clinics do not appear to be affected at this time.

Until resolved, Ocean will not be able to communicate with PS Suite, so appointment syncs, check-ins, note additions, demographic updates, etc. will fail, although note that Ocean will automatically retry updates to ensure that patient notes and demographic updates get applied once the TELUS API is back up and running.

We have escalated to TELUS and will post more information as it becomes available.


9:00 am EST: As a workaround, we have confirmed that inserting the Ocean custom form in PS Suite (by clicking on the toolbar icon) for a particular patient will successfully download the note into the chart. Please use this workaround in cases that the note is required for a clinical assessment.


9:20 am EST: TELUS has acknowledged the issue and is investigating. Note that we have revised the start time based on more investigation of Cloud Connect logs indicating that the earliest errors were closer to 6:15am.


10:30 am EST: Our monitoring system indicates that the rate of errors is dropping and the API appears to be starting to recover. We will wait for TELUS to indicate that the underlying issue is resolved before resolving this bulletin.


10:50 am EST: TELUS has confirmed that the issue has been resolved. We requested a root cause analysis and will share what we can. We will mark this issue resolved.

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