Launching Ocean from your Med Access EMR

Med Access users can launch Ocean directly from a patient's chart.

Launcher Restrictions

The TELUS Launcher is only available with Chrome or Edge browsers.

Please note that Ocean users with access to multiple Ocean sites and EMR instances that are connected to multiple Ocean sites cannot use the TELUS Launcher to access Ocean at this time.

  • Open the patient's chart and access the TELUS Launcher.
  • Under My Extensions, find the 'Ocean' extension module. You'll find different options for launching Ocean:
  • The View Patient button will open the Patient Dashboard in a new tab of your browser. This is the most versatile button as it will pull the patient into Ocean and allow you to interact with them through Ocean (i.e. send a message, queue an eForm, access the Ocean Portal or view their Ocean Reference Number).
  • The View Portal button will open the Ocean Portal in a new tab of your browser. If it's your first time accessing the TELUS launcher through your Med Access EMR, you'll be prompted to sign in. After you've signed in once, you will no longer need to sign in when accessing Ocean through the TELUS launcher.
  • The Add Form button will open the Add Form dialogue of the Patient Dashboard in a new tab of your browser. This allows you to queue a form for the patient and is especially useful for clinics using Ocean tablets. To learn more about Ocean Tablets, please refer to: Basic Tablet Workflow.
  • The Send Appointment Notification button allows you to add scheduled appointment information from Med Access into an Ocean eReferral. For more information, refer to: Scheduling the Referral Appointment.
  • The Send Message button will open the message window in a new tab of your browser. Ocean will automatically pull the email address (if one exists) from the patient's chart in EMR as the recipient. To learn more about Ocean's Secure Patient Messaging, please refer to: Basic Patient Messages Workflow.
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