Ocean-MA Extension FAQ

What is the Ocean-MA Extension?

The Ocean-MA Extension is an open source web browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Med Access EMR users can take advantage of this extension to support more seamless and efficient workflows when using the Ocean Provider Network.

Please note that the extension is not currently supported or tested by Ocean for use with Ocean Patient Engagement tools (including Patient Messages).

The extension provides a streamlined way to include file attachments from a patient chart into an Ocean eReferral/eConsult, without needing to download the file onto the user's hard drive. This eliminates the need to download, attach, and manually delete attachments from your computer to protect patient health information.

Additionally, the extension streamlines the process for adjusting Ocean eReferral Tasks into the appropriate Task 'Category' and 'Type' in Med Access.

How do I install the Ocean-MA Extension?

The Ocean-MA Extension can be installed into both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers directly from the Chrome Webstore by clicking the button below.

Ocean-MA Extension

  • Press the 'Add to Chrome' button on the webstore page.

    Note: Microsoft Edge users will see the button labeled as 'Get'.

  • Confirm the installation of the extension by pressing 'Add extension' in the popup window.

How do I use the Ocean-MA Extension?

  • When viewing or generating an attachment within a Med Access patient chart, users can press the Ocean icon to name and queue the file for attachment in an Ocean eReferral/eConsult.
  • A common example is to generate and attach a PDF version of the Chart Summary as shown below:
  • From within a patient chart, press the 'Summary' button in the top right corner.
  • Use the checkboxes on the left to select the parts of the patient chart you would like to include as an attachment, and then press the 'Print' button in the top right corner to generate a PDF of your selection.
  • Press the 'Chart Summary' option to simply capture the information shown in the Chart Summary window.

    Alternatively, press the 'Chart Summary (with Attachments)' option to capture the information shown in the Chart Summary window along with any files that are already attached to the selected chart items.

  • A new window will automatically open containing a generated PDF version of your selection. Press the Ocean icon in the top right corner.
  • Enter a name for your file attachment and then press 'OK' to queue the attachment for use in Ocean.
  • When filling out the eReferral/eConsult form, you will be automatically prompted to include the queued attachment(s).

    Press 'OK' to confirm you would like to include the attachment(s).

  • Preview the attachment at the bottom of the referral form using the purple eye icon before sending your eReferral/eConsult.

Can I include an attachment from other areas of the patient's chart?

Yes - the Ocean-MA Extension icon may appear in PDF viewing windows that are accessible through other areas of Med Access. Users may prefer to incorporate other workflows that take advantage of this feature. Please note that attachments should never be selected directly from the Import Pool for attachment to a referral. 

A few examples of other common areas are provided below:

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all areas in which the extension can be used.

Investigation Attachments
Investigation Reports
Lab Attachments
Lab Reports

Can I include multiple attachments?

Yes - the Ocean-MA Extension supports inclusion of multiple file attachments.

  • Simply use the Ocean icon to queue the different attachments from within the patient chart, and then you will be automatically prompted to include all of the queued attachments in Ocean.
  • Attachments will be ordered in the same sequence in which they were queued.

Can I use the extension to include attachments if I have already initiated my eReferral/eConsult in Ocean?

Yes - if you have already initiated and partially filled out the referral form in Ocean but forgot to include your attachment(s), you can return to the patient chart in Med Access and queue your desired attachment(s).

  • Once you have queued the attachments in Med Access, simply return to your partially complete referral form, and press the 'Add Attachments' button near the bottom of the form to prompt the attachment confirmation pop-up window.
  • Press 'OK' to include your queued attachment(s).
  • The attachment(s) will be included at the bottom of the referral form.

Can I use the extension to add attachments to an eReferral/eConsult that I have already sent?

Yes - the Ocean-MA Extension supports adding attachments to an eReferral/eConsult that has already been sent.

  • After queuing the desired attachments from the patient chart in Med Access, press the 'Launch' button.
  • Locate the Ocean module and press 'View Patient'.
  • Select the relevant eReferral/eConsult to open it.
  • You will be automatically prompted to include the queued attachments. Press 'OK' to confirm you would like to include the attachments.
  • The attachment(s) will be automatically included within the 'Messaging' area of the referral.

    Press the purple eye to preview the attachment, type an optional message in the text box, and then press 'Send' to send the attachment (and message) to the recipient.

Do queued attachments have an expiry timer?

No - there is no time-based expiry for queued attachments. The attachment queue is automatically cleared when any one of the following actions are taken:

  • The patient chart changes in the Med Access EMR
  • The web browser session ends
  • The 'Send eReferral' button at the bottom of the referral form is pressed
  • The 'Send' button within the 'Messaging' area of an existing eReferral/eConsult is pressed
  • The 'Save' button within an existing eReferral/eConsult is pressed
  • The 'Save & Close' button within an existing eReferral/eConsult is pressed

Ocean Task Category and Type Conversion

The Ocean-MA extension also streamlines the process for adjusting Ocean eReferral Tasks into the appropriate Task 'Category' and 'Type' in Med Access.

  • When an Ocean eReferral/eConsult is sent or accepted, a PDF copy of the referral record is automatically added as a new 'Attachment' Task in the relevant patient chart in Med Access.
  • After opening the Task, the Ocean-MA extension automatically adjusts the Task 'Category' and 'Type' based on the details in the Task Description.

  • After reviewing the changes and making any other necessary adjustments to the Task, click 'Save'.
  • Once saved, the Task is automatically categorized into the 'Active Requests' section of the corresponding 'Consults' or 'Investigations' area of the patient chart.

Advanced Notes: Task Category and Type Conversion

  • The automatic conversion in Step B will not occur for all Ocean-generated Tasks. The conversion only occurs when the following initial criteria are met within the opened Task:
    • The 'Description' of the opened Task begins with 'Ocean eReferral -'.
    • The initial 'Category' of the opened Task is 'Attachment' or 'Progress Note'.
  • Tasks for referrals with Health Service Offerings related to Diagnostic Imaging will cause the 'Category' to be set to 'Investigation'. All other Health Service Offerings will set the 'Category' to 'Consult'.
  • When updating the Task 'Type', the extension performs a best-effort match between the Health Service Offering of the referral and the list of default 'Types' that are supplied within Med Access. If a match cannot be found, the 'Type' field will not be updated. A complete table of the value mappings can be found at the bottom of this article.
  • To ensure that the Task is categorized as an 'Active Request' upon saving, the extension updates the 'Order Type' value of the Task's Observation Template to 'Request'. This change is not visible within the Task user interface.
Ocean 'Health Service Offering' to Med Access 'Type' Mappings

When the Ocean-MA Extension performs the best-effort match between the Health Service Offering (HSO) on the referral and the default 'Types' that are supplied within Med Access, it assesses the HSO to see if it contains a term included in the 'Ocean Health Service Offering Contains' column below. If the extension finds a match, it sets the 'Type' value within the Task to the respective value in the 'Med Access Consult/Investigation Type' column below. The first match going down the list is used.

For example, if the Ocean HSO contains either the term "allergy" or "immunolog", the the Med Access Task 'Type' will be set to "Clinical Immunology and Allergy".

Ocean HSO → Consult Type Mappings
Ocean Health Service Offering Contains Med Access Consult Type
adolescent Adolescent Pediatrics
pathology Anatomical Pathology
anesthesia, anaesthesia Anesthesia
anesthesiology, anaesthesiology Anesthesiology
cardiolog Cardiology
cardiovascular Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
allergy, immunolog Clinical Immunology and Allergy
pharmacolog Clinical Pharmacology
colorectal surgery Colorectal Surgery
dermatology Dermatology
diabetes education Diabetes Team Educator
radiology Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology
dietitian Dietitian Assessment
emergency medicine Emergency Medicine
endocrinology Endocrinology and Metabolism
emergency ER Report
gastroenterology Gastroenterology
pathology General Pathology
family medicine General Practitioner
general surgery General Surgery
surgical oncology General Surgical Oncology
geriatric Geriatric Medicine
gynecologic oncology Gynecologic Oncology
fertility Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
hematology Hematology
respiratory therapy Home Oxygen
hospital discharge Hospital Discharge Summary
infectious disease Infectious Disease
internal medicine Internal Medicine
maternal fetal medicine Maternal-Fetal Medicine
medical biochemistry Medical Biochemistry
genetics Medical Genetics
microbiology Medical Microbiology
oncology Medical Oncology
mental health Mental Health Assessment
neonat Neonatal Perinatal Medicine
nephrology Nephrology
neurodiagnostic Neurodiagnostic
neurology Neurology
neuropathology Neuropathology
neuroradiology Neuroradiology
neurosurgery Neurosurgery
nuclear medicine Nuclear Medicine
obstetrics, gynecology Obstetrics and Gynecology
occupational medicine Occupational Medicine
ophthalmology Ophthalmology
or report OR Report
orthopedic, orthopaedic Orthopaedic Surgery
pediatric cardiology Paediatric Cardiology
pediatrics Paediatrics
palliative medicine, palliative care specialist Palliative Medicine
pediatric emergency Pediatric Emergency Medicine
pediatric general surgery, pediatric surgery Pediatric General Surgery
pediatric intensive care Pediatric Intensive Care
pediatric respirology Pediatric Pulmonology
pediatric radiology Pediatric Radiology
pediatric rheumatology Pediatric Rheumatology
pediatric respira Pediatrics Respiratory Medicine
pharmacist Pharmacist Assessment
physiatry, physical medicine Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation
plastic surgery Plastic Surgery
psychiatry Psychiatry
public health Public Health
respirology, pulmonary medicine, asthma Pulmonary Medicine
radiation oncology Radiation Oncology
respirology Respirology
rheumatology Rheumatology
nurse, nursing RN Assessment
therapeutic/interventional radiology, therapeutic radiology, interventional radiology Therapeutic Radiology
thoracic surgery Thoracic Surgery
urology Urology
vascular surgery Vascular Surgery
thoracic, cardiothoracic Cardio & Thoracic
chiropract Chiropractors
dental surg Dental Surgeons
laboratory procedur Laboratory Procedures
massage therapy Massage Practitioner
naturopath Naturopaths
optometry, optometrist Optometrist
oral medicine, dentistry Oral Medicine
oral surge Oral Surgeons
orthodontist Orthodontists
orthopedic, orthopaedic Orthopaedics
orthoptic Orthoptic
osteopath Osteopathy
otolaryngolog, audiology Otolaryngology
physical therap, physiotherapy Physical Therapists
podiatrist, podiatry Podiatrists
procedural cardiologist Procedural Cardiologist
radiology Radiology

Note: There are no Ocean Health Service Offering terms that map to the following Med Access Consult Types:

Cardiac Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Clinical Immunology, Clinician Investigator Program, Community Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, Hematological Pathology, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Clinical Immunization and Allergy

Ocean HSO → Investigation Type Mappings
Ocean Health Service Offering Contains Med Access Investigation Type
angiogram Angio/Interventional
colposcopy Colposcopy
echocardiog Echocardiography Lab
genetic Genetic
holter Holter Monitor
eeg Neurology Electrodiagnostic
pulmonary function test, pft Pulmonary Function Test
doppler Vascular Lab Study
bone densit, bone mineral densit Bone Density
mammogram, mammography, breast ultrasound Breast Imaging
muga, stress test, ecg Cardiac
ct CT Scan
pap Gynecological
mammogram Mammogram
mri, magnetic resonance, mrcp MRI
nuclear medicine, bone scan Nuclear Medicine
respiratory, bronch Respiratory
endoscop, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, gastroscopy, egd, ercp Scopes
sleep stud Sleep Studies
ultrasound Ultrasound
x-ray, fluoroscop X-Ray

Note: There is no Ocean Health Service Offering term that maps to the 'Neurology' Med Access Investigation Type.

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