Ocean Note Tasks

Clinics can control whether Ocean notes enter the Med Access EMR as either Active or Completed tasks. Ocean admin users can control this setting in Cloud Connect (for details on Cloud Connect settings, please refer to Customize your Cloud Connect Configuration).

There are two types of Ocean notes that will always enter as Completed tasks:

  1. Ocean notes recording secure message sends from a user at your clinic
  2. Ocean notes recording patient’s acknowledgement of a secure message

These Ocean notes will always enter your EMR as Completed tasks, even if your Cloud Connect setting is configured to import Ocean notes as Active.

A note about Active tasks

Active tasks in Med Access require an assigned owner. Ocean will automatically assign the Active task to the primary provider listed on the patient’s chart.

For online booking users, online booking notes will be assigned to the provider who's schedule the appointment is booked in.

For patients who do not have a primary provider listed on their chart, Ocean will do its best to assign the task to the provider associated with the patients' nearest appointment.

If Ocean can’t find a provider to assign this task, the note will enter as completed and assigned to the ApiAgent user.

If you have configured your Cloud Connect settings to automatically mark Ocean notes as 'Completed' upon entry, online booking notes will enter as 'Completed' and assigned to the ApiAgent user.

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