TELUS API Maintenance November 1st 2020 Affecting Most Ocean Modules [COMPLETED]

TELUS Notification:

Please be advised of the following scheduled EMR API maintenance  taking place Sunday November 1st, 2020.  The EMR service will be unavailable during this time.


Date: Nov 1st, 2020 12am to 2pm EST 

Impact: Service will be unavailable


Ocean Impact:

We don't expect that the TELUS API will be unavailable throughout the maintenance window above, but the following services will be delayed/unavailable during the period(s) that it is down:

  • Patient reminders scheduled during this time period will be sent once the TELUS maintenance completes 
  • Online Booking will be unavailable (i.e. setting up schedules and booking appointments)
  • EMR synchronization will be unavailable
  • Some Kiosk functionality will be unavailable
  • Patient authenticated website forms will be unavailable (for patients to submit a form)
  • Health Report Manager (HRM) messages will be unavailable 
  • Referral import will be unavailable

Use of some of these features will result in error messages to both patients and Ocean users as they attempt to communicate with the TELUS API. Normal functionality will return once the maintenance window completes.

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