TELUS API Service Interruption November 20, 2019 [RESOLVED]

Our monitoring detected a service interruption in the TELUS API affecting a small number of TELUS EMRs  that started last night around 10:53pm. We are currently investigating.

This means that Ocean cannot connect to TELUS EMRs via the API, so patient check-ins and note uploads are failing. We have reported the issue to TELUS.

For affected clinics, while the API is offline you may continue to use the Ocean Custom Form as a workaround to upload and download patient information manually; Med Access clinics will see failed appointments syncs, and will need to manually mark patients as arrived and copy/paste notes into charts.

We will post updates as we receive them from TELUS.


9:25 AM ET: TELUS found the issue and fixed it at around 8:55. The API is behaving normally again. The root cause appears to be a bug in TELUS API deployment last night that affected EMR Mobile authenticated clients both for the API and the TELUS mobile app. Most Ocean TELUS clients were not affected because they've been migrated to the AML authentication framework. We will update this ticket with any info we receive from TELUS.

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