TELUS API Service Interruption Affecting Appointment Syncs Oct 1, 2019 [RESOLVED]

According to our monitoring, the TELUS API stopped responding to appointment sync requests at approximately 3 AM ET last night, with all requests for appointment syncs resulting in general system errors from TELUS. This means that Ocean cannot synchronize appointments with TELUS EMRs via the API. However, patients already in the schedule for today may be marked arrived, notes added etc. as normal. Ocean will not "see" appointment changes but will work from the last known version of the appointment book for a clinic.

PS Suite clients may continue to use the Ocean Custom Form as a workaround to upload patient and appointment information manually; Med Access clinics will not be able to check-in new or revised appointments. Other functionality within the Ocean suite may be affected as well.

TELUS has identified the problem and is working to resolve. More updates will be posted as they become available.

2019-10-01 10:20 AM ET: Although we have not yet heard confirmation from TELUS, the errors stopped at around 10 am ET and so we will mark this as resolved. All appointment delta since the last sync at 3 AM should arrive in Ocean within the next 30 minutes. As usual, we will attach any root-cause-analysis that we receive from TELUS to this ticket.

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