TELUS API Service Interruption September 16, 2019 [RESOLVED]

According to our monitoring, the TELUS API stopped responding at approximately 3:15 ET this afternoon, with all connection requests timing out. This means that Ocean cannot connect to TELUS EMRs via the API, so patient check-ins and note uploads are failing. We have reported the issue to TELUS.

While the API is offline, PS Suite clients may continue to use the Ocean Custom Form as a workaround to upload and download patient information manually; Med Access clinics will see failed appointments syncs, and will need to manually mark patients as arrived and copy/paste notes into charts.

We will post updates as we receive them from TELUS.


4 ET: The API has started to respond again as of 3:55, and we see the backlog of EMR Actions (requests from Ocean to TELUS API) clearing now. New requests from Ocean (e.g. check-ins, etc.) are succeeding, and the backlog should be clear within an hour. We will pass on any root cause analysis that we receive from TELUS.

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