TELUS PSS Layout Crash Issue

A number of Ocean sites have reported an issue in which very recent versions of PS Suite crash on some charts with a "java.lang.StackOverflowError" layout error.

Our theory is that dynamic text in a toolbar triggers a new bug in the PSS layout engine. When the Ocean Toolbar includes a display of pending forms for a patient, which gets longer as forms are added to the patient’s form queue, this can potentially cause this layout error to occur.

The issue is not specific to the Ocean Toolbar (and you may encounter it with other dynamic toolbars) but the Ocean Toolbar seems to trigger it in some instances. TELUS is aware of the issue and we have provided diagnostic information to facilitate a fix in an upcoming version of PS Suite.

In the interim, we have created a special version of the Ocean Toolbar that omits the "pending forms" field to attempt to workaround the bug.

If you are experiencing this issue, please email if you haven't already so that we can track affected sites, and then try upgrading your Toolbar.cfm to v5.22 or newer.


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