PS Suite: Advanced Features for Sending Appointment Notifications

When scheduling an appointment from an incoming eReferral, the typical workflow involves staff importing the referral forms and information into the EMR, creating a new appointment in the schedular for the patient, and manually transcribing the appointment details back into Ocean before sending to the patient for confirmation.

Now, using the Ocean eReferral Appointment Notification Custom Form, appointment information created in PS Suite can automatically sync back to the referral.

Please Note: For Ocean to sync the correct appointment details from PS Suite via the Custom Form, your patient must have a valid Health Number associated with their referral.

Downloading and installing the custom form

Using the custom form

  • Ensure you have imported your eReferral into PS Suite. (For instructions, refer to: Importing eReferral Requests into Your EMR
  • Using the appointment scheduler, create an appointment for the patient.
  • Once created, open the patient's chart and verify that the "next visit" area in the top of the chart lists the date of the newly created appointment.
  • From the menu bar in the chart, select "View" > "Custom Form" (or use the keyboard shortcut F2) to open the custom form window
  • Locate and select "Ocean eReferral Appointment Notification" from the list and click the "Choose This Form" button. (Depending on the number of custom forms installed, using the search bar to filter by "Ocean" may be helpful.)

Once selected, the custom form will open a new browser window to the matching referral for the patient, which will automatically pull and populate the "Scheduling" area fields. From there, staff can then click either "Save" or "Done" to move the status of the referral to "Booking Unconfirmed" and send a notification to the patient and/or provider to confirm the appointment details.

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