Using the PS Suite Messaging Module to Follow Up with eReferrals

When an Ocean eReferral is sent from PS Suite, an internal message, or "yellow sticky note", will appear in the patient chart when the referral note has been downloaded.

This message is intended to help prevent the referral from slipping through the cracks, by ensuring someone is notified to follow up with it.

You can specify who this message gets sent to and when it will appear in their PS Suite inbox by changing the settings in the Ocean eReferral custom form, as outlined below.

  • Open the Ocean eReferral custom form, or find an existing form in a patient chart, and select the "Settings" button.
  • Select whether you want to apply this setting clinic wide, or just for your Ocean user.
  • Click "Set the user who will follow-up referrals..." to change who the PS Suite message is directed to.
  • Enter the initials of the PS Suite user or PS Suite user group that you would like to receive the follow-up message (Ocean defaults to using the secretary group, i.e. "secs"). Click "OK" to save your changes.
  • To edit the follow-up wait period, or the delay between when the referral is sent and went it shows up in the user's PS Suite inbox, repeat steps A and B above.
  • This time, in the Settings window, select "Set the follow up wait period..."
  • Enter the number of days before you would like the message to appear in the user's PS Suite inbox (Ocean defaults to 7 days). Click "OK" to save your changes.

Note: To turn this feature off completely, remove the PS Suite user initials from the follow-up message setting. You will need to be on a minimum Ocean eReferral custom form version of v1.55 in order for this setting to work. Please ensure you have other methods in place for following up with your eReferrals before turning off this functionality.

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