PS Suite: Attaching a Clinical Note from PS Suite to an eReferral

Before following the steps in this guide, ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Ocean Attachment Exporter (click here to download CFM file.) Version 2.0 and above will now upload attachments directly to Ocean instead of exporting them as a file.

Ocean makes it easy to select and "green bar" notes in a patient chart in PS Suite that can be uploaded directly to Ocean. The file can then be automatically included in an eReferral sent through the Ocean Healthmap.

To attach a note from PS Suite to an eReferral:

  • Find the note(s) in the patient's chart that you want to generate as a PDF attachment.
  • Check the checkbox next to the note to enable the “green bar”.
  • Click the Attach link on the Ocean Toolbar.
  • This will pop up an input box allowing the user to specify the attachment file name. Rename the file, if desired, and select OK. (By default, the file name will include the patient initials, EMR user initials, and current date).
  • A prompt will then appear to confirm that this attachment has been successfully uploaded to Ocean. Select the desired option. (Note, it will not appear if you previously selected "Don't Show This Again", or toggled it off in the Attachment Exporter's custom form settings).
  • Select Refer on the Ocean Toolbar to launch the Ocean Healthmap. Choose the desired listing and select to Send eReferral. The attachment will automatically be included at the bottom of the referral form.
  • Quick Tip: If you "green bar" an item and then select "Refer" on the Ocean Toolbar to initiate a referral, the attachment will automatically get generated to attach to the referral (without having to click the "Attach/Paperclip" link). You will need to click "Yes - Create Attachment" on the confirmation prompt, before continuing with step D to F above.
  • You can preview your referral attachment by clicking on the “eye” icon, or remove it by clicking on the “X” icon.
  • If you remove an attachment and would like to add it to the referral again, select the Add Attachments button at the bottom of the referral. A list of any attachments uploaded to Ocean for that patient will appear. Choose a file from the list or choose “Select Local File...” to browse for a file on your computer.
  • Quick Tip: If would like to include additional attachments, to an already sent eReferral, follow steps A to E above. Then open the sent eReferral using the "Open" lightbulb on the Ocean eReferral form. Scroll down to the Messaging pane of the referral and choose "Add Attachments". Select the desired file from the list and click "Send".

To customize the settings of the Ocean Attachment Exporter form:

  • Open the Ocean Attachment Exporter form in a test patient chart, and click the Settings button.
  • Select "Toggle the Display of the Export Information Message" if you would like to show the user an explanatory message about the attachment, after the upload to Ocean is complete.
  • Select "Toggle the Prompt to Export Lab Table" if you would like to be prompted to include the lab table each time an attachment is generated.
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