PS Suite: Ocean eReferral Custom Form Settings

If you are a TELUS PS Suite user sending eReferrals, you can customize specific settings within the Ocean eReferral custom form.

  • First, open the Ocean eReferral custom form in a patient's chart, and choose the "Settings" button.
  • Once you enter the settings, you can choose to customize either your own user-specific settings or clinic-wide settings.
  • From there, you can customize the following eReferral settings.
Set the user who will follow-up referrals...:
This setting will allow you to choose the PSS user(s) who should receive the initial follow-up message. You can choose a specific user or a class of users, such as "secs" (secretaries). Leave this setting blank if you do not wish to have the follow-up message sent.
Set the follow-up wait period (the delay before the follow-up message shows in the inbox)...:
This setting will allow you to enter the number of days before the initial follow-up message shows up in the PSS user's inbox.
Set the email to receive referral status updates...:
Selecting this setting will bring you to the "View My Account" page of your Ocean portal account. You can edit the email that receives referral status updates (e.g. appointment booked, etc.) by entering the appropriate email address in the "Referral Notification Email" field.
Add Pending Test/Consult: (Y/N):
Selecting this setting will turn on/off notifications about pending tests and/or consults associated with your eReferral.
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