PS Suite: Ocean eReferral Custom Form Settings

If you are a TELUS PS Suite user sending eReferrals, you can customize specific settings within the Ocean eReferral custom form.

  • First, open the Ocean eReferral custom form in a patient's chart, and choose the "Settings" button.
  • Once you enter the settings, you can choose to customize either your own user-specific settings or clinic-wide settings.

    Note: User-specific preferences (if set) take precedence over clinic-wide preferences.

  • From there, you can customize the following eReferral settings.
Set the user who will follow-up referrals:
This setting will allow you to choose the PSS user(s) who should receive the initial follow-up message. You can choose a specific user or a class of users, such as "secs" (secretaries). Leave this setting blank if you do not wish to have the follow-up message sent.
Set the follow-up wait period (the delay before the follow-up message shows in the inbox):
This setting will allow you to enter the number of days before the initial follow-up message shows up in the PSS user's inbox.
Add Pending Test/Consult: (Y/N):
Selecting this setting will turn on/off notifications about pending tests and/or consults associated with your eReferral.
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