Telus API Issue Impacting Ocean Demographics Updates for PS Suite [RESOLVED in PSS 5.12.407]

We have been receiving error reports this morning from our monitoring system indicating that patient demographic field updates from Ocean forms are failing in the Telus API due to an internal system error from the TELUS API.

It's not year clear whether the issue is related to a new PSS version or a change to the API service itself. Note uploads are unaffected, but will include text indicating the demographics changes that were attempted but failed.

As an interim workaround, these values can be manually updated by copying and pasting into the appropriate fields. We're working with Telus support to determine the cause and will update this ticket as new information comes available.

Update 2018-12-19: We have confirmed with TELUS that the issue has been fixed in PSS version 5.12.407. If you are experiencing this issue, please request this patch from TELUS.

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