TELUS API outage impacting All TELUS Clients [RESOLVED]

The TELUS API server has been unresponsive since 8:25 EST this morning. We've seen connection timeouts (generally indicative of an offline system) returned to all TELUS/Ocean clients, including those on PS Suite and Med Access.

We are not aware of any scheduled or unscheduled downtime planned by TELUS and have escalated the issue to TELUS support for more information and requesting an ETA on the fix. We will update this ticket with more information when we get it.

While the API is offline, PS Suite clients may continue to use the Ocean Custom Form as a workaround to upload and download patient information manually; Med Access clinics will see failed appointments syncs, and will need to manually mark patients as arrived and copy/paste notes into charts.

More information to come.


10:00 PM: The TELUS API started responding again at around 9:30 PM. It appears to be responding normally since then. We will continue to monitor. As part of our investigation, we discovered that the TELUS EMR Mobile App was also affected. We'll post any root cause analysis that we receive from TELUS.

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