PS Suite: Determining the Initials Associated with Ocean Notes

Note: This is only applicable for PS Suite users who are not connected to the TELUS National API. (For those users who are on the API, the initials will match the initials of the user linked to your Ocean Connect or Cloud Connect account, which is typically "OCN")

PS Suite will use the current user's initials with a "/OCN" suffix. For example, if receptionist Bob adds the Ocean custom form, and social worker Sally Smith opens the chart after the patient is done, the note will be added with the initials "SS/OCN".

There is an option in the PS Suite Ocean custom form "Advanced" settings to disable automatic note downloads for online questionnaires. In this case, the above rule would still apply, but now, a user can open the chart without triggering the download for online questionnaires. The user who clicks "Download" will have their initials attached to the note.

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