Scheduling the Referral Appointment

Learn how to add appointment details to eReferrals in order to update patients and referring providers with appointment dates, times, mediums, and other scheduling details.

Appointment information can be added, edited, or removed by referral recipients at any point in an eReferral's lifecycle. This allows for patient and referring providers to stay up to date with the latest appointment dates, times, mediums, and other scheduling details.

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Note: The patient must have a valid Health Number associated with their referral for Ocean to sync the correct appointment details from PS Suite via the Custom Form.

Download and Install the Custom Form

Note: Downloading and installing the custom form is a one-time step for each workstation.

Schedule the Appointment and Update the eReferral

  • Book the patient's appointment into the PS Suite schedule.
  • Open the patient's chart and verify that the "next visit" area in the top of the chart lists the date of the newly booked appointment.
  • From the menu bar in the chart, select "View" > "Custom Form" (or use the keyboard shortcut F2) to open the custom form window
  • Locate and select "Ocean eReferral Appointment Notification" from the list and click the "Choose This Form" button.
  • The custom form will open a new browser window showing the Patient's Dashboard and their relevant referrals. Select the appropriate referral.
  • The details from the appointment booked in the EMR will automatically be available for selection within the 'Scheduling' area. Select the appointment date to add it to the referral.

    Alternatively, if an appointment cannot be scheduled right away you can communicate an anticipated wait time to the patient and referrer by using the 'Anticipated Time to Appointment' function.

    Note: Referrals must be accepted in order to specify an anticipated wait time. The referrer and patient will receive an email notification informing them of the anticipated wait time.

  • Optionally, update the 'Appointment Label', the 'Medium', and the 'Confirmed' checkbox if the date and time were confirmed by the patient at the time of booking.

    Tip: You can customize your Appointment Labels and the set a default Medium in your Directory Listing settings.

  • To add more than one appointment, press the '+' button on the right hand side. To cancel or remove an appointment, select the '-' button.
  • Type any comments for the referrer and patient into the text box, and press 'Add Attachments' to include any file attachments.

    Tip: You can create canned booking comments to increase efficiency.

  • Select either 'Save' or 'Save & Close'.

    The referral will automatically move to the either 'Booked Unconfirmed' or 'Booked Confirmed' folder depending on the confirmation status, and an email notification will be sent to the referrer and/or patient containing the details of the scheduled appointment, the comments and attachments, and the ability to confirm the appointment (if applicable).

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