Accepting & Declining eReferrals

Learn how to accept, decline, and import eReferrals into your EMR.

1. Receive an email notification and access the eReferral

  • Locate the eReferral under the 'Received' tab and within the 'New' status folder. Click on the referral to open it and view more details.

    Tip: Certain columns can be used to sort your referrals into ascending/descending order. Simply click the column header.

2. Review and accept or decline the eReferral

  • Use the 'Decline' or 'Accept' button at the bottom of the referral to indicate your decision.
Accept Decline
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  • When you accept a new eReferral, the referral information will be automatically imported as a new Active Task in the patient's chart with the matching healthcard number in your Med Access EMR.
  • If no chart with a matching healthcard number is found, Ocean will automatically generate a new chart and import the referral notes into it. The patient's demographic fields will also automatically update in the patient's chart.
  • Note: The 'Patient Status' field in new charts generated by Ocean will be set by default to 'Unconfirmed'. Ensure that you update the status to 'Active' (or your preferred status) after accepting the referral.

In Ocean, the referral will be automatically moved to the 'Pending Booking' status folder.

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