Understanding the eReferrals & eConsults View

Learn how to navigate Ocean's eReferrals & eConsults area, and the basic sections within an eReferral.

The eReferrals & eConsults view is used for viewing, tracking, and managing all of your eReferrals in one central area. Learning the basic functionalities of this area will allow you to confidently navigate Ocean and handle your referrals with ease.

eReferrals & eConsults View Opening an eReferral

The diagram below outlines the key areas and functionalities in the eReferrals & eConsults view.

1. Filtering
To find a specific referral, type into the search bar. You can search by patient surname, or the names of the related healthcare providers.
If your Ocean Site owns multiple Directory Listings, you can filter by listing using the dropdown menu.
2. General Folders
The general folders are used to flag referrals that need to be reviewed, referrals that have been flagged for your specific attention, and referrals you have recently viewed.
3. Status Folders
The 'Received' and 'Sent' folders contain individual status folders which are used to organize referrals as they progress through their lifecycle. The specific purpose of each status folder is defined in this support article.
4. Actions Menu
Used for quick access and advanced functionalities, including creating manual inbound requests, launching the Ocean Healthmap, claiming a printed Ocean requisition, exporting your referrals, bulk updating your wait times, and viewing a patient's referral history.
5. Patient Referral List
Shows basic information about the patient referrals that match your currently selected folder and applied filter.
6. Status Icons
Used for quickly indicating relevant statuses and characteristics for each referral. A full legend for all icons is found in this support article.
7. Settings Button
Used for accessing the configuration options available for eReferrals & eConsults at your Ocean Site.
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