Completing the Referral

Learn how to mark a referral as 'Completed' to close the loop on its lifecycle.

Once the scheduled appointment date for the referral has passed, you are able to mark the referral as completed.

  • Locate the referral within its current status folder. This is typically either the 'Booked Unconfirmed' or 'Booked Confirmed' folder.
  • Open the referral, and press the 'Completed' button at the bottom.

    Note: If you are using Med Access, Accuro or OSCAR Pro, a final copy of the referral record will be automatically downloaded into the patient's chart in your EMR.

    For other EMRs, you can manually download a final copy of the referral record.

  • The referral will be automatically moved to the 'Completed' status folder.

Are referrals deleted after they are moved into the 'Completed' status folder?

Moving a referral into the 'Completed' status folder has no impact on how long the referral is stored in Ocean. Referrals are always kept for 365 days from the date the referral was sent OR for 30 days after the last appointment date (in the case of an appointment being that is scheduled after the 365-day default). For more details on Ocean's deletion rules, please see the article here

  • If you would like to see the specific date that a referral is scheduled to be removed from Ocean, you can click on the "Action" menu within the referral, and choose "View Event Log". The specific removal date will be displayed at the bottom of the event log.
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