PS Suite: Test the Ocean Custom Form

  1. Insert the Ocean custom form into a test patient chart.

    • Open a patient chart (preferably a "dummy" or test chart, or an empty chart).
    • Insert the Ocean custom form into the chart by clicking the Ocean logo on the Ocean toolbar.
    • The custom form should open in a pop-up window. Check to ensure that you are running a current version (look for v.3.86 or later).
  2. Test out an Ocean feature.

    • On the Ocean custom form, you should see a bold three or four-digit code (e.g. 855). This number is a temporary access code to access the patient in Ocean.
    • Now that the patient is in Ocean, you can perform a number of different actions:
      1. Add Ocean forms for the patient to complete.
      2. Enter the numeric code on an Ocean tablet to retrieve this patient.
      3. Click "Email Patient" to send this patient an email invitation to complete a questionnaire securely from home.
      4. View health services in the patient's region and/or send an eReferral by selecting "Find Health Service".
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