Tablet Release Notes v125

Ocean Tablet release 125 contains support for the Ocean Reminders system (to support OceanConnect). It is not required for sites that are not using Ocean Reminders at this time.

Tablet Release Notes v124

The Ocean Tablet release v124 includes the following changes:

  • A fix to work around networking issues on Lenovo Tab 2 tablets running Android 5.1
  • Upgraded YouTube support to work with Android 5.0+.

Tablet Release Notes v123

The Ocean Tablet release v123 includes the following changes:

  • Added support for secondary tablet rules that show forms after the "on-demand" forms are displayed. This allows clinics to show surveys and other screening forms after any forms that a clinician specifically requested for the patient.
  • Added support for Farsi and updated some Armenian and Arabic translations as well
  • Added support for capturing one note per completed form, which is required for some EMR integrations (e.g. Accuro) where notes are discrete instead of continuous
  • Minor bug fixes (particularly around handling invalid scripts in forms and rules)

Tablet Release Notes v122

The Ocean Tablet v122 includes just one fix to a bug with "approximate duration" widgets that could cause a form to crash if no value is selected.

Tablet Release Notes v121

The Ocean Tablet release v121 includes the following:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause page navigation issues with multi-page forms (if you went back, it would take the patient to the beginning of the multi-page form, which would seem like it skipped pages)
  • Fixed a bug related to Accuro integration for sites that have 4 or more digits in their Ocean patient ref
  • Added support for force updates of OceanConnect from server
  • Fixed a bug that would cause intro screen to appear to freeze when patient chooses Arabic or Armenian on a tablet running Android version 4.1 or lower
  • Tablet will now report OceanConnect installation status and version to server for visibility in Tablets tab
  • Improved error handling around eForm formula scripts returning null (now it will just show an error instead of crashing the form)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scripts (formulas, show if, make note if) from referencing diagram checkboxes

Tablet Release Notes v120

The Ocean Tablet release v120 includes the following changes:

  • A few more Armenian and Arabic string translations that were missing for Syrian Refugee project
  • Fixed bug that would cause the "retry" button on the final screen to be hidden for some tablet resolutions
  • Update for OceanConnect handling of notes for Accuro EMR that aren't finalized to avoid duplicate encounter notes.

Tablet Release Notes v119

Ocean Tablet version 119 contains the following changes:

- Support for two new tablet rule functions: queueSize() and queueContains('myFormRef'). These functions will allow a rule to inspect the forms loaded for that patient. Useful, for example, to show the reason-for-visit form if and only if there are no other forms waiting for the patient.

- Fixed date pickers to show months in patient's language (e.g. for Syrian Refugee intake)

- Added code to force tablet back to English after each use (could be an issue if patient records didn't contain pt language)

- Added logic to hide the privacy header in the intro screen if the privacy text is empty in tablet settings.


Tablet Release Notes v118

The v118 release of the Ocean Tablet includes:

- More screens supported for Armenian and Arabic for Syrian Refugee clinics

- Fix to hidden validation issue on demographics screen (in some tablet setting configurations, you could see a validation error that prevented progress past the demographic screen but with no fields highlighted)

- Fixed a couple of health number validation error messages to better support 9 digit HNs (e.g. in AB)

- The introduction screen will now show a drop-down menu of languages if more than 2 are selected

- Fix to prevent double-submission of study forms (previously, this could happen if the patient had multiple forms with a study form appearing first, then clicked 'next', then 'back', then 'next' again)

Tablet Release Notes v117

The Ocean Tablet release v117 is now available and contains the following:

  • Basic support for Arabic and Armenian medical intake eForms to support the Syrian Refugee Cognisant Cause project with our partners at St. Michael's Hospital and Sunnybrook. This includes right-to-left text support for Arabic, which will only be enabled for devices running Android 4.1 or higher. Currently any patients with either language specified in their EMR chart will automatically see the forms in the proper locale. We are still working on extending support for a patient to choose these two locales in a manner similar to current support for Chinese, Italian and French (this also updates the EMR with the patient's choice, as a bonus.)
  • A fix to a memory leak that occurred in the new landscape mode setting
  • A change to the tamper proofing logic to reduce the frequency of false positive security trigger events during Android system upgrades.
  • Some changes to the interface with OceanConnect to simplify installation and maintenance, and to add support for appointment times and providers for the upcoming "day sheet" feature in Ocean.

Tablet Release Notes v116

The Ocean Tablet release 116 contained only an important fix to regression bug in v115 that would cause a crash if an item in an eForm didn't have a caption. All clients running v115 (which was only released for a couple hours) should upgrade immediately.

Tablet Release Notes v115

The Tablet release v115 contained the following:

  • Added support for landscape mode for tablets (via a setting in the admin menu on the tablet)
  • Added API call for getCppItemData to allow inspection of a specific CPP item such as an immunization entry, which can be used for tablet rules or eForm logic.
  • Fix to more gracefully handle numeric scales with null default values.
  • Fix to bug that caused newlines in captions to be skipped.
  • Fix to scripting engine to better handle scripts that return infinity (e.g. 1/0, or NaN) instead of a number.

Tablet Release Notes v114

Tablet version 114 includes:

- Support for inspecting data elements within a CPP item via a new script API method ScriptPatient.getCppItemData(cppListKey, itemKey). For example, PS Suite users can now inspect immunization history, i.e. determine when the last flu shot was given according to the CPP.

- Handling of ptNextApptDate keyword (at least for now simply returns a "not support" response since this isn't particularly useful on the tablet).

- A bit more troubleshooting information for custom script errors.

- "Clear Token" in admin menu is renamed to "Deregister Tablet" to more accurately reflect the fact that this will also deregister the tablet from the current site for billing purposes as of v113.

- A fix to a bug that would cause anonymous mode to crash tablets using certain screen resolutions.

- A fix to a bug that caused numeric scales with invalid choice values to crash the tablet.


Tablet Release Notes v113

The Ocean Tablet v113 includes the following improvements:

- change to rule engine to fix an issue that can cause unexpected sequencing of eForms when one form depends on the completion of another. The issue was that the rules were being evaluated when the patient first gets the tablet, meaning that some dependant forms hadn't been completed simply because they weren't "up yet". This issue has been fixed.

- eFormAction form additions (when one form decides to add another, e.g. PHQ9 loading suicidal ideation depending on answers) will now be immediately after the current form instead of at the end of the queue.

- fix to French translation for email disclaimer in demographics review screen



Tablet Release Notes v112

The Ocean Tablet v112 includes:

- Ocean Tablet will now deregister the tablet from the server side as well when "clear token" is called (to help ensure clients are not charged for "ghost tablets" that were deregistered from the tablet side, e.g. when pointed to a different Ocean site)

- Ocean Tablet will store the originally registered mac address (a network hardware identifier) and use it for server communication instead of relying on the tablet's mac address during operation. This fix is due to an issue with some tablets (e.g. Azpen) changing their mac addresses on restart (which they are not supposed to do).

- improvements to the OceanConnect integration, allowing for easier configuration and updates

- fixed minor bug that would occassionally cause tablet app to reset if authentication failed


Tablet Release Notes v111

The v111 of the Ocean Tablet contains the following changes:

- the introduction of "OceanConnect", which is a new Ocean module for future EMR integrations using an EMR API

- a minor improvement to fix poor handling of any server errors when creating a new patient on the tablet (e.g. via the "new" button)


Tablet Release Notes v110

Ocean Tablet v110 provides support for a new way of using Ocean Tablets, called Anonymous Mode. It's designed to support anonymous surveys in the clinic (e.g. patient experience surveys mounted in a stand) as well as clinics that do not have native Ocean EMR integration -- it works well as a welcome kiosk that allows patients to specific the reason for their visit and complete a focused history based on their answers. It provides a simple language picker and a "start" button so that you can script the entire encounter with tablet rules.

It also includes:

- Support for Italian and Simplified Chinese (note that the eForms themselves are largely English only, but they can be translated by anybody)

- Support for an upcoming feature to allow arbitrary string delimiters before, after and in-between form notes generated by Ocean. For example, you could use a prefix like "--- Ocean Note Follows ---" and a postfix like "--- End of Ocean Note ---" with an empty line to separate the notes. 

Tablet Release Notes v109

Ocean Tablet release 109 contains a couple of fixes and improvements:

  • The Tablet now has a tamper-proofing feature that detects any new software installed on the device. If new software is found, the tablet will de-register automatically and an email will be send to the clinic administrator (as set in Ocean site settings).
  • Fixes an issue with patient-friendly medication keywords.
  • Adds support for surname at birth (maiden name in PS Suite) and address line 2 type (e.g. PO Box, etc.)

Tablet Release Notes v108

This release contained the following updates:

- Allowing single digit HC validation codes for old Ontario "red and white" cards

- Porting note generation line-separator default changes from server-side to bring Ocean tablets inline with Ocean Online

- Adding "textNoSuggestions" to fields in the demographic review screen for newer Android keyboards that attempt to provide suggestions for these fields

Tablet Release Notes v107

Tablet version 107 contains:

- A fix to button layout for single-choice menus with hint "render as buttons". This will bring the layout of buttons in line with the way multi-choice buttons are rendered

- Implemented the note generation enhancement to support inheritance of note separators for nested sections (this was implemented in Ocean Online last week). This change makes it easier to make all items in a form render as separate lines, for example.

Tablet Release Notes v106

The v106 release of the tablet includes:

- minor fixes to slider labeling and controls, including making it easier for a patient to choose the rightmost value (i.e. increasing the "touchable" area that registers a click for the last value)

- changed the object returned from ScriptUtil functions in scripts to be a JavaScript String insteads of a Java String to improve consistency across the tablet and online rendering engines. Now you can safely use JavaScript-only variables like "length" on ScriptUtil function responses on both the tablet and online (conversely, you can no longer use Java-specific methods like "length()" in scripts run on the tablet). We reviewed current Ocean tablet rules and eForm scripts to ensure that there won't be backwards compatibility issues with this change.

- minor change to wording in Kiosk mode when patient is not loaded in Ocean