Tablet Release Notes v114

Tablet version 114 includes:

- Support for inspecting data elements within a CPP item via a new script API method ScriptPatient.getCppItemData(cppListKey, itemKey). For example, PS Suite users can now inspect immunization history, i.e. determine when the last flu shot was given according to the CPP.

- Handling of ptNextApptDate keyword (at least for now simply returns a "not support" response since this isn't particularly useful on the tablet).

- A bit more troubleshooting information for custom script errors.

- "Clear Token" in admin menu is renamed to "Deregister Tablet" to more accurately reflect the fact that this will also deregister the tablet from the current site for billing purposes as of v113.

- A fix to a bug that would cause anonymous mode to crash tablets using certain screen resolutions.

- A fix to a bug that caused numeric scales with invalid choice values to crash the tablet.


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