Tablet Release Notes v121

The Ocean Tablet release v121 includes the following:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause page navigation issues with multi-page forms (if you went back, it would take the patient to the beginning of the multi-page form, which would seem like it skipped pages)
  • Fixed a bug related to Accuro integration for sites that have 4 or more digits in their Ocean patient ref
  • Added support for force updates of OceanConnect from server
  • Fixed a bug that would cause intro screen to appear to freeze when patient chooses Arabic or Armenian on a tablet running Android version 4.1 or lower
  • Tablet will now report OceanConnect installation status and version to server for visibility in Tablets tab
  • Improved error handling around eForm formula scripts returning null (now it will just show an error instead of crashing the form)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scripts (formulas, show if, make note if) from referencing diagram checkboxes
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