Tablet Release Notes v110

Ocean Tablet v110 provides support for a new way of using Ocean Tablets, called Anonymous Mode. It's designed to support anonymous surveys in the clinic (e.g. patient experience surveys mounted in a stand) as well as clinics that do not have native Ocean EMR integration -- it works well as a welcome kiosk that allows patients to specific the reason for their visit and complete a focused history based on their answers. It provides a simple language picker and a "start" button so that you can script the entire encounter with tablet rules.

It also includes:

- Support for Italian and Simplified Chinese (note that the eForms themselves are largely English only, but they can be translated by anybody)

- Support for an upcoming feature to allow arbitrary string delimiters before, after and in-between form notes generated by Ocean. For example, you could use a prefix like "--- Ocean Note Follows ---" and a postfix like "--- End of Ocean Note ---" with an empty line to separate the notes. 

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