Basic Website Forms Management Workflow

  1. Receive a submission from your Website Forms.

    • Once a patient has submitted an Ocean form from a clinic website, the site's clinical administrator will receive an email notification from, with a link back to the Ocean Portal.
  2. Review the submission.

    • Follow the link to the Ocean Portal. Click on the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Website Forms".
    • You will find the new submission in the "New" folder.
    • Click on the submission to view its details and confirm that it's a legitimate patient request.
  3. Accept or Complete the submission.

    • If this is a simple patient inquiry that can be answered with one reply, simply type your response in the "Comments for Referrer and Patient" box (in the Scheduling pane) and mark the request as "Completed".
    • If this is an appointment request, once you've verified that this is a legitimate patient request, accept the submission.
  4. Import the information into your patient's chart.

    • Once you've completed or accepted the request, you'll be presented with the Import window.
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Cloud Connect Integration

For PS Suite users integrated with Ocean Cloud Connect, if you have an existing patient chart with a matching healthcard number, the notes will import into the patient chart automatically.

Note: If your Website Form also collects the patient's date of birth and the 'Populate this answer for EMR field' setting within the eForm item is set to 'birthDate', Ocean will also verify that the birth date in the EMR chart (if available) matches the birth date in the Website Form submission. If the birth dates do not match, the import will fail.

If the import fails, you can manually download the submission and upload it into your EMR as a PDF document.

Custom Form Integration

  • For PS Suite users that use the Custom Form integration (i.e., not Cloud Connect) will may need to open the relevant patient chart in PS Suite, use the "Import" button in the Ocean toolbar and enter the import number provided in the import window manually.

Note: If this was a simple patient inquiry, once you've marked the request as "Completed" and imported the note into the patient's chart in your EMR, then you are done processing this request (and can skip the rest of the steps outlined below).

  1. Confirm the appointment booking (if applicable).

    • If you have an "Email" field on your Website form, once you've saved the appointment booking, the patient will be sent an email containing their appointment details and an option to confirm their scheduled appointment.
    • The patient will then move into the "Booked Unconfirmed" folder until either they confirm their appointment by clicking the button in the email notification sent to them or you manually mark them as confirmed.
    • Once the patient has confirmed their appointment, they will then move into the "Booked Confirmed" folder of the Website Forms view.
  2. Mark the request as completed.

    • Once the patient's appointment date has passed, you can go back into the Website Forms view of the Ocean Portal to find their submission and mark it as "Completed".
    • This will move the request to the "Completed" subfolder of the "Processed" folder.

Website Form Inboxes

If you have set up Website Forms (i.e. an online web questionnaire that is available to the public via a link on your website), you will be notified when a new submission is completed and the results of this submission will appear in your Website Forms inboxes in the Ocean Portal. Below describes the process in which submissions are received and processed.

Note: Because Website Forms are available to the public, submissions first enter into your Website Forms inbox, rather than directly into the EMR (to make sure any bogus submissions are filtered out before entering into the EMR).

  1. View your submission.

    • Once a new submission is completed, the Clinical Administrator Email (which can be set in the "Site Account" section of the Admin Settings page) will receive a notification of its completion.
    • From there, you can log in to the Ocean Portal and check your new submission in the "New" inbox of the Website Forms view.
    • Click on the new submission to view its details.

      General panel
      This is where any demographic information provided on your Website form will populate, including the patient's name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
      Notes panel
      This is where you can add any free-text or pre-programmed notes related to the submission (e.g. Contact attempted, patient was seen, etc.).
      Referral Note panel
      This is where the results of the Website form will populate (a.k.a. the "clinical note" associated with the Website form).
      Scheduling panel
      This is where you can record if and/or when you've booked an appointment for this patient (if, for example, your Website form was for patients requesting to book an appointment at your clinic). If the patient has provided their email address, you can also add a comment for the the booking "Comments for Referrer and Patient) and/or attach a file for them to review (using the paperclip icon), as needed.
  2. Manage your submission.

    • Once you've edited the request to your liking, you can either "Accept" or "Decline."
    • This will open up an Import dialog box and move the request into your "Booked Unconfirmed" inbox. For more details about how to import requests, please refer to this article.
    • From there, if you've booked an appointment for the patient, you or the patient can confirm their appointment booking (assuming the patient has granted email consent). Once the patient has been seen, you may mark the request as "Completed".
    • Marking a submission as "Completed" will move it to the "Processed" inbox's "Completed" folder, where it will stay for 12 months.

For more details on how long submissions are kept within Ocean, please refer to "How long will my eReferrals be stored in Ocean?".

Importing Website Form Submissions from the Ocean Portal to an EMR

We currently support imports from Website Forms for TELUS PS SuiteMed Access, OSCAR EMR, OSCAR Pro (WELL Health), and QHR Accuro. If you are not using any of these EMRs, many clinics still use Website Forms without an EMR integration, as you also have the option to export submissions to a spreadsheet or as a PDF at any time.

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Website Form collects Health Number

  • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Admin". Click "Site Features" from the Admin Settings page and ensure "Allow accepted website forms to create patients in your EMR" is checked.
  • Click the "Menu" button, "eForms" Find the Ocean eForm that you are using for your Website Form, and open the eForm in the eForm Editor.
  • Ensure that your eForm has a mandatory item that asks for the patient's health number and that the "Populate answer for EMR field" field for that item is set to "hn" (in the Note Formatting tab).
  • Note: If you are also accepting submissions from patients who don't have an existing record in your EMR, you will also want to ensure that your form has mandatory fields that are mapped to corresponding EMR fields for the patient's first name (firstName) and last name (surname), in addition to their sex.
  • Back in the Ocean Portal, open the "Website Forms" view and find the submission you want to import. It will normally be in the "New" folder.
  • Open the submission you want to import and click "Import to EMR".

    Alternatively, you can use the 'Accept' or 'Completed' buttons to both trigger the import and categorize the submission into the respective folder.

  • The information is automatically downloaded as an encounter note into the patient's chart with the matching health number in PS Suite, or if no chart with a matching health number exists, a new chart will be created.
  • Return to the Ocean Portal, and mark the submission as either 'Accepted' or 'Completed' (if it hasn't been done already). The submission will be categorized into the respective folder.

Website Form Does Not Contain Health Number Field 

  • If your website form does not contain a field for health number, you can import the submission using the "Import" button on the Ocean Toolbar. If your toolbar does not have this button, configure the latest Ocean toolbar from our Telus PS Suite Ocean Toolbar Download Instructions.
  • Back in the Ocean Portal, open the Website Forms view and find the submission you want to import. It will normally be in the "New" folder.
  • Open the submission you want to import and click "Accept".
  • It will show a (usually 3-digit) patient reference number:
  • On the toolbar in PS Suite, click "Import" and enter this number. The demographic updates will be applied and the note will be imported as an encounter note by Ocean.