Importing Website Form Submissions from the Ocean Portal to an EMR

We currently support imports from Website Forms for TELUS PS SuiteMed Access, OSCAR EMR, OSCAR Pro (WELL Health), and QHR Accuro. If you are not using any of these EMRs, many clinics still use Website Forms without an EMR integration, as you also have the option to export submissions to a spreadsheet or as a PDF at any time.

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Website Form collects Health Number

  • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Admin". Click "Site Features" from the Admin Settings page and ensure "Allow accepted website forms to create patients in your EMR" is checked.
  • Click the "Menu" button, "eForms" Find the Ocean eForm that you are using for your Website Form, and open the eForm in the eForm Editor.
  • Ensure that your eForm has a mandatory item that asks for the patient's health number and that the "Populate answer for EMR field" field for that item is set to "hn" (in the Note Formatting tab).
  • Note: If you are also accepting submissions from patients who don't have an existing record in your EMR, you will also want to ensure that your form has mandatory fields that are mapped to corresponding EMR fields for the patient's first name (firstName) and last name (surname), in addition to their sex.
  • Back in the Ocean Portal, open the "Website Forms" view and find the submission you want to import. It will normally be in the "New" folder.
  • Open the submission you want to import and click "Import to EMR".

    Alternatively, you can use the 'Accept' or 'Completed' buttons to both trigger the import and categorize the submission into the respective folder.

  • The information is automatically downloaded as an encounter note into the patient's chart with the matching health number in PS Suite, or if no chart with a matching health number exists, a new chart will be created.
  • Return to the Ocean Portal, and mark the submission as either 'Accepted' or 'Completed' (if it hasn't been done already). The submission will be categorized into the respective folder.

Website Form Does Not Contain Health Number Field 

  • If your website form does not contain a field for health number, you can import the submission using the "Import" button on the Ocean Toolbar. If your toolbar does not have this button, configure the latest Ocean toolbar from our Telus PS Suite Ocean Toolbar Download Instructions.
  • Back in the Ocean Portal, open the Website Forms view and find the submission you want to import. It will normally be in the "New" folder.
  • Open the submission you want to import and click "Accept".
  • It will show a (usually 3-digit) patient reference number:
  • On the toolbar in PS Suite, click "Import" and enter this number. The demographic updates will be applied and the note will be imported as an encounter note by Ocean.
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