Manage All Your eReferrals in the Ocean Portal

Use the Ocean Portal to manage all of your sent eReferrals.

After your eReferral has been sent, it can be viewed and managed from the eConsults & eReferrals area of the Ocean Portal. The portal allows you to see all of your referrals in one place, clearly organized into folders according to their current status.

This article walks through the different features and options available in the portal, from searching for referrals to understanding the triggers that update a referral's status.

Login to the Ocean Portal

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal with your Ocean username and password.
  • Open the Menu in the top left corner, and select 'eReferrals & eConsults'.

Configure your Sent and Received Folders

  • The eReferral & eConsult View in the Ocean Portal has two main folders: a Sent Folder and a Received Folder.
  • Within these folders, you can access all of your referrals, organized by their current status.
  • If you are only sending eReferrals it is recommended that you collapse the 'Received Folder' by clicking on it.

Status Folders

Status Folders categorize your referrals based on their current status. As a referral's status changes throughout its lifecycle, it will be automatically moved to the appropriate folder.

  • For example, a referral in the 'Pending Booking' folder will automatically move to the 'Booked Unconfirmed' folder when the referral recipient books an appointment for the patient and updates that information in the referral.
  • Once the appointment date and time are confirmed, the referral will then be automatically moved to the 'Booked Confirmed' folder for both parties.

This functionality ensures that the status of the referral is always up to date throughout its lifecycle for all relevant parties.

Searching and Filtering

Search Bar

To quickly locate a specific or group of referrals, you can take advantage of the search bar in the top left corner.

  • Selecting 'Patient with surname' filters all your referrals to only include patients with the matching surname.
  • Selecting 'Referring clinician with the name containing' filters all your referrals to only include referrals sent by a specific clinician.
  • Selecting 'Provider with name containing' filters all your referrals to only include referrals sent to the Directory Listing with the chosen search term included in it's name.

Appointment Date Filtering

  • The 'Booked Unconfirmed' and 'Booked Confirmed' status folders can also be filtered to show appointments within a certain time frame.
  • The 'Booked Date - Start' and 'Booked Date - End' filters can be used to view only referrals with an appointment booked in the specified date range.

Column Filtering

  • Certain columns within each Status Folder can be used to order the matching referrals in ascending or descending order.
  • Simply click on the column header to sort the referrals based on that column.
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