Send Your eReferral

Complete the eReferral form and send your referral off to the referral recipient.

  • Complete the eReferral form, as required. If you initiated the referral from an integrated EMR, patient contact information and other required details will be automatically pre-populated. Complete the remaining fields as required.
  • Include any relevant attachments by pressing the 'Add Attachments' button and selecting them from your computer.

    Note: If you are a Med Access user and using the Ocean-MA Extension you will be automatically prompted to include any queued attachments as soon as the referral form is opened.

    If you are a PS Suite, Accuro, or OSCAR Pro user and you initiated your eReferral with an attachment, it will be automatically included below the 'Add Attachments' button.

  • If you are sending an eReferral as a delegate, you will need to select the appropriate provider that you are referring on behalf of (from the dropdown menu at the top of the "Referrer Information" panel).
  • Click the "Send Referral" button to send your eReferral.

    Note: If the Directory Listing you are sending to is accepting referrals under a Regional Authority (such as a provincial eReferral initiative), you must accept the Regional Authority's Terms of Use located beside the “Send Referral” button the first time you send eReferral.

  • Once sent, you will see a confirmation window with the option to print a copy of the referral for the patient.
  • The eReferral will then be documented in the patient's chart.
PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Pro OSCAR Other EMR
  • The referral note and Ocean eReferral form are automatically downloaded into the patient chart. An internal PS message can also be triggered to the PS user/group of your choice, so they can follow up on the referral, in the specified number of days.
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