Can I modify the eForm used during the eReferral/eConsult reviewal process?

  • Yes, the questions presented in the 'Review' panel during the eReferral/eConsult reviewal process are customizable.
  • The questions in this panel correspond to a specific Ocean eForm (named 'Referral Notes') in your Ocean site. By modifying this eForm, it modifies the questions presented during the reviewal process.

Warning: Advanced eForm Editing

The Referral Notes eForm should only be modified by Ocean users who are familiar with advanced eForm editing. We recommend creating a backup version of your Referral Notes eForm before modifying it.

How to Modify the Referral Notes eForm:

  • Locate the 'Referral Notes' eForm in your eForm library. This eForm has the reference value 'referralNotes', which is the eForm reference value that Ocean will use in the 'Review' panel of an eReferral.

    In other words, the eForm which has the 'referralNotes' reference value will be shown in the 'Review' panel.

  • Select the eForm, and press 'Edit' to launch the eForm editor.
  • Within the eForm editor, you can modify or add additional questions that should be displayed within the 'Review' panel during the reviewal process.
  • The preview panel on the right hand side shows how the note will appear in the 'Notes' panel of the eReferral once it has been reviewed and saved.
  • Use the 'Save Changes' button in the bottom right corner to save your eForm when you are done making changes.

Important eForm Item References

Each item in an eForm is assigned a specific item reference value. Item reference values are often used to implement conditional logic into eForms, however they are also sometimes used to push information from the eForm into a specific area or functionality within Ocean.

  • For the 'Referral Notes' eForm specifically, the item references 'protocol' and 'priority' can be used to push information into the respective 'Protocol' and 'Priority' columns in the eReferrals area.
  • Expand the image on the right to see where the 'priority' item reference value is stored for the highlighted eForm item. The 'protocol' value is not present in the default version of the Referral Notes eForm, but it can be manually added.
  • The text value shown on each of the response choices represents the text value that would be pushed into the respective column in the screenshot above. These can be modified in the 'Menu Choices' tab.
  • Note: We highly recommend using an eForm item type that allows for discrete response choices (e.g., a Menu) to simplify the process within the 'Review' panel of the eReferral. This also ensures that the values pushed into the 'Protocol' and 'Priority' columns are standardized across all reviewed eReferrals.

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