Set Up eConsults (Ontario Only)

Please Note: Currently, Ocean's Sender-initiated flow is not available in Ontario. To enable Recipient-initiated eConsults, please follow the set up steps below.

1. Apply to respond to eReferrals as eConsults

Note: Only Ocean users with the User Role of "Family Physician" or "Specialist" or "Nurse Practitioner" are eligible to apply to respond to eReferrals as eConsults. Please see how to update your User Role if necessary before continuing.

Ocean users who would like to respond to eReferrals with an eConsult must first apply to their Regional Authority, which will review the eligibility of the applicant. To do this:

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal, click your name in the top right corner, and select "My Account".
    • Within your account settings, press the "Submit Application to Regional Authority" button, and select your appropriate Regional Authority site.
    • The Regional Authority site will review your application, and you will receive an email notification indicating the result.

2. Update Your eConsult Folder Visibility

If the Regional Authority accepts your application to respond to eReferrals as eConsults, you must ensure the proper folder visibility is configured in your eReferral settings area.

By default, the eReferrals area within the Ocean Portal does not display the eConsult folders which are used to organize the status of eConsults. To ensure that these folders are visible, please follow these steps:

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal, and navigate to the eReferrals area.
    • Within the eReferrals area, press the "Settings" button in the top right corner.
    • Press the "Configure eReferrals" button.
    • Under the "eConsult Management"" section, set the "Display eConsult Folder" dropdown to "Yes".
    • Ensure you press "Save" in the bottom left corner to save your changes.
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