eReferral to eConsult Workflow - Sending Sites

This article walks through the workflow for Ocean sites that are receiving an eConsult in response to a sent eReferral.

1. Receiving an eConsult in response to your eReferral

    • When an eConsult has been provided in response to an eReferral request, you will receive an email notification that an eConsult message has been provided.
    • Within the Ocean Portal, you can locate the eConsult response in the eReferrals "Sent" tab, under the folder named "eConsult in Progress", and within the "Needs Review" folder.
    • The eConsult will appear in blue font to differentiate it from an eReferral. Click on the patient name to open the eConsult.
    • Within the eConsult, you will see the consultation advice within the messaging pane with an "eConsult" header.

2. Actioning the eConsult Response

As the original eReferral sender, you have 4 options to proceed with:

Option 1: Marking as Reviewed

    • Once you have reviewed the message, you can select "Reviewed & Close" which will remove the eConsult from your "Needs Review" folder, but keep it in your "eConsult in Progress" folder.

      Note: If the eConsult has not been marked as "Reviewed" within 7 days, a reminder email will be sent notifying you that an eConsult has been provided and requires clinical attention.

    • The eConsult will remain in the "eConsult in Progress" folder until you decide to take further action. It is important that you take action in a timely manner, as the eConsult also remains "in-progress" for the original recipient.

Option 2: Communicating with the Recipient

    • You can respond to the provided consultation advice by sending a message in the messaging pane, and pressing "Send".
    • The recipient can then provide further information, and the conversation can continue for as long as necessary until the eConsult is either marked as "Completed", or it is decided to proceed with an eReferral.

Option 3: Marking as Complete

    • If you are satisfied with the consultation and would like to complete the eConsult, select the "Completed" button at the bottom.
    • A message will be stamped into the messaging pane indicating that the eConsult has been marked as complete, and the recipient will receive an email notification that the eConsult was completed.
    • Once marked as completed, the eConsult will move from the "eConsult in Progress" folder to the "Completed" folder.
    • After marking as completed, you will also be prompted with the option to download and import the consultation note into your EMR to maintain a permanent record of the interaction.

Option 4: Proceeding with an eReferral

    • If you would like to proceed with an eReferral at any point following the initial eConsult response, you can select the "Proceed with eReferral" button at the bottom.
    • You will be prompted to choose the reason for proceeding with an eReferral, and include a message for the recipient.
    • The recipient will receive an email notification of the decision to proceed with an eReferral, and will have the option to either Accept or Decline the eReferral.
    • If the recipient accepts the eReferral, it will be moved to your "Pending Booking" folder. If the recipient declines the eReferral, you will receive an email notification of the declination and it will be moved to your "Declined" folder.
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