Accuro: List of Ocean Keywords and Associated EMR Fields

Keywords allow you to insert a piece of data from the patient object (usually from the EMR) into a caption, to pre-populate a field, or as part of a note. To see a list of available keywords, simply type @ and the menu will appear in the editor. A full list of options is included in the PDF chart that you can access and download by clicking the button below (please note that you may need to scroll through the PDF to see more details).

Please note:

Certain EMR fields such as province and sex only accept specific values (eg. “ON”, “BC”, “QC” for province or “M”, “F” or “U” for sex).

The availability of keywords depend on the product and how patients are uploaded to Ocean. Patients can either be uploaded through an Accuro CDS Link or Cloud Connect (CC).

Note: All keywords in the "Patient Messages" tab are based on patient uploaded through an Accuro CDS link while keywords in the "Patient Reminders" and "Tablet" tabs are based on patients synced through CC.

Download the Accuro Keywords PDF Chart

To indicate a keyword, just add "@" to the beginning. For example, "Dear @ptPreferredOrFirstName" will appear as "Dear Jacob".

You can also access keyword values in a script with the ScriptUtil.getKeyword() function, like "ScriptUtil.getKeyword('@ptName')". This is particularly useful for tablet rules, since a rule can access most of the patients information via this function. For example, you can show a COPD assessment questionnaire if the patient has COPD in their problem list or past medical history like this:

ScriptUtil.getKeyword('@ptHas.copd') == 'Y'
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Keywords can be very useful in conjunction with EMR Fields to allow patient to update their profile automatically. For example, by setting the default text of a text field to "@ptPreferredName" and setting the EMRField mapping on the same item to "preferredName", the initial value will be the patient's preferred name in the EMR and any changes will be applied to the preferred name field in the EMR.

Some keywords accept suffixes, which should be added after a trailing period. For example, "@ptHnExpiryDate.yyyysmmsdd" will show the date as "2015/06/21".

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