Accuro: Lab Values Available to be Pulled from the EMR

Using keywords (please see "Using Keywords to Automatically Insert Content" for more information about keywords), you can pull the following lab values from Accuro into your Ocean form:

Lab Value Keyword Value Keyword Units Keyword Date
Weight @ptLatestVal.wt @ptLatestUnits.wt @ptLatestDate.wt
BMI @ptLatestVal.bmi @ptLatestUnits.bmi @ptLatestDate.bmi
Head Circumference @ptLatestVal.hc @ptLatestUnits.hc @ptLatestDate.hc
Waist Circumference @ptLatestVal.wc @ptLatestUnits.wc @ptLatestDate.wc
Blood pressure (combination of "bp - systolic" and "bp - diastolic)" @ptLatestVal.bp @ptLatestUnits.bp @ptLatestDate.bp
Heart Rate
O2 Saturation @ptLatestVal.o2sat @ptLatestUnits.o2sat @ptLatestDate.o2sat
eGFR @ptLatestVal.egfr @ptLatestUnits.egfr @ptLatestDate.egfr
Fasting Blood Sugar @ptLatestVal.fbs @ptLatestUnits.fbs @ptLatestDate.fbs
Random Blood Sugar @ptLatestVal.rbs @ptLatestUnits.rbs @ptLatestDate.rbs
Hemoglobin or HbA1C @ptLatestVal.a1c @ptLatestUnits.a1c @ptLatestDate.a1c
Microalb/creat ratio, Microalb/creat., or Albumin creatinine ratio u @ptLatestVal.acr @ptLatestUnits.acr @ptLatestDate.acr
HDL, or HDL Cholesterol @ptLatestVal.hdl @ptLatestUnits.hdl @ptLatestDate.hdl
LDL, LDL Cholesterol (calculated), or LDL Cholesterol @ptLatestVal.ldl @ptLatestUnits.ldl @ptLatestDate.ldl
Na, Na (sodium), or Na+
K, K (potassium), or K+ @ptLatestVal.k @ptLatestUnits.k @ptLatestDate.k
Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide-Total, or Carbonate @ptLatestVal.co2 @ptLatestUnits.co2 @ptLatestDate.co2
Glucose Tolerance, or Glucose Tolerance 2H @ptLatestVal.gtt @ptLatestUnits.gtt @ptLatestDate.gtt
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