PS Suite: "Populate answer for EMR Field" Options & Corresponding Fields in PS Suite

  • The "Populate answer for EMR Field" field in the eForm Editor will allow you to set answers to certain questions to autopopulate certain fields in your patient's chart in your EMR.
  • The dropdown options for this field correspond to either demographics or CPP fields in the patient's chart in PS Suite.

The table below describes which dropdown option in this eForm Editor's "Populate answer for EMR Field" field correspond to which demographics fields in PS Suite.

Populate answer for EMR Field PS Suite Demographics Field
firstName First name
surname Surname
preferredName Preferred name
secondName Middle name
maidenName Maiden name
title Title
suffix Suffix
streetNumber Street #
address Mailing Address: Address line 1 or Street Name
addressLine2Label Mailing Address: Extra Type
addressLine2 Mailing Address: Address Line 2 or Extra #
city Mailing Address: City
province Mailing Address: Province
postalCode Mailing Address: Postal code
addr2Line1 Second Address: Address line 1 or Street Name
addr2Line2Label Second Address: Extra Type
addr2Line2 Second Address: Address Line 2 or Extra #
addr2City Second Address: City
addr2Province Second Address: Province
addr2Postal Second Address: Postal code
birthDate Birthdate
email Email
homePhone Home phone
businessPhone Business phone
businessPhoneExt Business phone Ext
mobilePhone Mobile
pmoc Preferred method of contact
insuranceNumber Insurance number
chartNumber Patient #
emergencyContact Next of kin
emergencyContactPhone Next of kin (optional 2nd field, separated by '@')
emergencyContactRelationship Next of kin (optional 3rd field, separated by '@')
emergencyContactIsPoA Next of kin (optional 4th field, separated by '@')
sex Sex
hn HC HN
hnProv HC Prov
hnVC HC Vers
hnExpiryDate HC Expiry date
language Language (EN or FR)
referralClinician N/A
noteFlag N/A
smoker CPP: Risks - Tobacco: Smoking status (Y/N)
everSmoked CPP: Risks - Tobacco: Differentiates 'never smoked' from 'ex-smoker'
cigsPerDay CPP: Risks - Tobacco: cigarettes per day (either a number or a low-high range)
packYears CPP: Risks - Tobacco: smoking 'pack-years'
drinksPerWeek CPP: Risks - Alcohol - drinks per week (either a number or a low-high range)
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