OscarPro Integration Service Interruption July 22, 2021 [RESOLVED]

9:07am EST We are currently experiencing an issue affecting our Cloud Connect Oscar integration. Requests made by Cloud Connect to WELL's OscarPro API are taking too long to respond and timing out. We're following up with WELL and will update this announcement as further information becomes available.

Yesterday at 11:00pm EST WELL made an internal change to their Oscar API service that was intended to correct an issue that began earlier this week. (Unrelated to Ocean.) A side effect of this change was Cloud Connect being prevented from making use of the API to update or read data from OscarPro EMRs.

At 3:00pm EST WELL reverted last night's configuration change and Oscar API service has returned to normal.

We are continuing to monitor the Oscar API integration closely.

Please email us at support@cognisantmd.com if you have any additional questions.

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